RSPCA reduces adoption costs to just $29

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Thaddeus Wicker asked 8 months ago

The RSPCA is slashing adoption costs in a mission to reduce the number of pets in NSW shelters, with animal lovers able to take home a pet for just $29.

The three-day sale begins on Friday, November 3, and will see hundreds of hopeful animals across the state find their ‘forever home’ without hefty adoption costs.

RSPCA NSW told Daily Mail Australia there are more than 300 animals available, with the number possibly due to increase as some are brought back from foster care and cleared for adoption.

NSW residents will be able to adopt a range of pets, including more than 100 dogs, 60 puppies, 60 cats and kittens, 50 domestic birds, seven ducks and chickens, ten guinea pigs and three ferrets.

RSPCA NSW Senior Manager of Animal Operations Kasey Bridge said the adoption drive is a great way for animals a forever home and Aussies to find a ‘forever friend’.

RSPCA NSW is slashing adoption costs to $29 for all animals across the state in an attempt to find them a ‘forever home’ (pictured, ‘Handsome Hansel’ located at the RSPCA NSW Coffs Harbour shelter) 

NSW residents will be able to adopt a range of animals including dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, birds, ducks and pocket pets including guinea pigs, ferrets and rabbits (pictured, four-year-old Domestic Short Hair cat Frasier available at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Adoption centre)

‘With animals staying with us longer than ever before, it’s imperative that we shine a light on their incredible personalities and do everything we can to help them find their forever homes,’ Ms Bridge said. 

‘Adoption drives like this are a great way to help people who have been thinking about adopting, find their forever friend.’ 

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