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Morghan Farris asked 1 year ago

Hey there!  I wanted to ask a question about the SQL project.  Query #4 I am really confused to how I got it wrong.  After the test, I asked around and it seemed like a lot of other students got it wrong so I wanted to ask and see if there was an explanation or something for it so I can see what I got wrong and so I can understand it a little better.  Thank you!

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Shayna answered 1 year ago

It’s a little difficult to know what you got wrong if we don’t know what your query is, but most students make the mistake of not including one specific required condition in their query. I don’t want to say what it is here, since this is a public forum for all students, past and future, so it’d probably be best if you came in to the TA lab, physical or virtual, and we can go over what you got wrong.

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