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Lina asked 3 years ago

For some reason my code doesn’t work when I reference a page outside of a folder. For example, in the example on navigating folder structure Mark has a folder named “content” and places resume.html inside and index.html outside of it. I followed the instructions exactly as he did, but for some reason my code doesn’t want to recognize anything outside of the folder. I put index.html in the same folder to see if it was an issue with my code but it didn’t seem like it was; it worked after I placed everything in the same folder. I would like any insight to help solve this problem!

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Cairo Murphy answered 3 years ago

Hello, with html folder structure to go into a folder you will need the name of the folder followed by a / when going back out you will need a ../ followed by the folder name. I would recommend trying those things and watching videos again about the file/folder structure

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