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Jamie Marquis asked 2 years ago

VBA: I keep getting an overflow error every time I try to use a variable as currency, single, or double. The equation is small like 10 * 0.4 and yet it gives me an overflow error. How can I resolve this?

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Tyler Smith answered 2 years ago

Overflow errors have to do with assigning the incorrect data type. For instance you assigned a value of 10 to a string (which is the data type for words not numbers).
Second thing to consider.. are you on a Mac? If you are, change all “Single”, “Double”, and “Currency” data types to “Variant” which is the ‘catch all’ data type. For whatever reason, Macs can’t function correctly using those data types. Use “Variant” going forward on all future assignments/projects/tests. Maybe include in a comment that you are on a mac so you don’t get docked points for not assigning the variable its correct data type (single, double, currency, etc.).

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