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Mirka Sansores asked 2 years ago

After attempting to understand the relationships within EDR’s, I think part of my handicap may be due to my lack of understanding of what an Order Line Item is. Would you mind clarifying?
I understand what an order/transaction is, however I’m not sure about the details of OLI’s. 

brordak replied 3 days ago

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Jared answered 2 years ago

An order line item is a specific item being purchased. If you ever look at a receipt from the grocery store, it might say Milk 2% X 1 … $2.99

This is saying that you are purchasing a gallon of milk for $2.99. The milk is the specific line item that is being bought. The store might have a large inventory of Milk and it’s not really important that they track exactly which gallon of milk was purchased, only that a gallon of milk was purchased. Many customers can buy a gallon of milk, and many gallons of milk can be sold to many customers. This type of relationship is a many-to-many and you may remember from the reading that you have to make a separate table in the event of a many-to-many relationship.
I hope that this helps.

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