One Of The Biggest Mistakes That People Make With Kia Sportage Key Replacement

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How to Replace a Kia CEED Key Fob

As with all devices powered by batteries, key fobs eventually show warning signs indicating that the batteries are starting to wear out. The warning signs can include the loss of range and the inability to start or Kia key unlock your car.

Kia strives to make the lives of Flowood drivers a little more comfortable with the handy lock-and-unlock feature that is hands-free that lets you unlock your door using a thumb on the handle. Learn more about these Kia Key (http://Www.Autokeys-R-Us.Co.Uk) fob tricks here!

How to Replace the Battery

The key fob that you have on your Kia allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely. However, the battery can eventually fail. If this happens, you’ll need to learn how to replace the Kia key fob battery to get back on the road. It’s simple to do and you can do it yourself, when you’re ready.

The life expectancy of a key fob is between two and three years. There are several warning signs that a key fob battery is starting to wear out. The most obvious is a gradual loss in range for the transmitter, which means you’ll have to be closer to your vehicle for locking or unlock it. Certain key fobs also display an alert on the dashboard when their battery is low.

To replace a key fob battery it is necessary to use a standard flathead screwdriver and a small tool that can separate the fob into two pieces. The screwdriver tip should be put into the slot on the fob’s side that doesn’t hold the mechanical blade. Gently pry open the case using the screwdriver. Remove the battery from the case and insert a fresh one, taking care to note its orientation.

This key fob is powered by a CR2032 battery that you can purchase them at most hardware stores. Install the new battery and then close the case.

How do you replace the transmitter?

Kia’s intelligent key technology works to make the lives of Brandon drivers a bit easier. One of the perks is the ability to lock and unlock the car remotely while you’re close by, press the button on your Kia fob or pressing it inside the door handle. The battery in the Kia fob can get worn out over time. You’ll notice that you need to be closer to your car to lock or unlock it. You may also notice that your car is unable to recognize the key fob when you press the keyless button, or displays a message.

Fortunately you can replace the transmitter or key fob battery in a Kia shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll need an flathead screwdriver to remove the fob, and be cautious not to damage the internal components of the fob, or the mechanical key. Once you’ve opened the case, you are able to take out the old battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery.

It’s not something you’ll need to do often, but knowing how to change the smart fob’s battery or transmitter is vital if ever you need to. Matt Castrucci Kia has created a guide to help you change the battery of your key fob.

How to Replace the Smart Key

Kia’s Smart Key system is a wonderful convenience feature that allows drivers to lock and unlock their cars without having search for their keys in their pockets. However, as with any battery-powered device, the time-to-life of the key fob is short and it’s always a good idea to have a spare. The process of replacing it is quite easy. The process is completed in minutes using the flathead screwdriver.

Begin by removing the mechanical blade from the fob. To do this, insert the end of your screwdriver into the slit on the side of the fob that is opposite to the one that holds the mechanical key. Press the button at the bottom of the fob to let it go. The old battery should pop out easily.

Replace the CR2032 batteries. Use the screwdriver’s tip to find the slot that fits the blade of the emergency key. Then, insert the new battery into its slot, and gently pull the two halves of the key fob back together.

Switching your car’s key fob battery isn’t something you should be doing every day but it’s a vital ability to be aware of when the time arrives. This will spare you the hassle of calling a mechanic out and wait for them.

How do you replace a mechanical Key

A remote car key fob allows drivers to lock and unlock their Kia car from a distance without having to use a physical key. The fob might also have buttons that can activate features such as the trunk or liftgate, or activate an alarm that is triggered by panic.

The smart key fobs that come with Kia vehicles have been created to last. Like any battery-powered product they will eventually display warning indicators of battery failure. The most common sign of a failing battery is the decrease in range. This signifies that the vehicle must be closer to the key fob in order to lock or unlock.

If this is the case, you will need to replace the fob’s mechanical keys. The process is relatively simple and doesn’t need any special tools. First turn the key in the off position and wait for the door locks to cycle. Then you can use the screwdriver’s small flathead to push the tip into the inside of the key fob in the opposite direction to where the emergency key is kept.

After you’ve put the screwdriver in, you should hear a click. Then, you can take out the mechanical key, remove the old battery and install another. You’ll then be ready to drive the Rogers roads again! If you have any additional questions, contact the team of service at our Kia dealership in Muncie. We’re here to guide you through the process step-bystep!

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