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Become a UK Electrician

Consider becoming an electrician if are looking for an interesting job that has low unemployment. They are highly sought-after in the UK and can earn high wages.

To become a fully certified electrician, you need to take a training course and pass a variety of tests. These qualifications are sometimes called NVQs or diplomas.


Electricians are skilled trade professionals that can solve a variety of electrical power issues. They are adept at the installation and repair of electrical wiring for machines, equipment and appliances. They also need to comprehend and comprehend wiring diagrams, technical drawings and construction plans.

There are two primary ways to become a licensed electrician in the UK through an apprenticeship or by taking an NVQ course. Both are available in a school of further education or by a fast-track training provider.

An apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain knowledge about the trade, gain experience, and earn qualifications. It runs between 3 and 4 years. You’ll learn all the fundamental tasks required of an electrician while you study for an Level 3 technical certification and an NVQ.

You’ll also be taught about inspection testing as well as health and safety and electrical installations. You’ll have the chance to build an impressive portfolio of work and be supervised by an experienced electrician in order to gain your NVQ and qualified status.

The NVQ is the most popular way to become a certified electrician. It’s available at a variety of private training providers and further education colleges across England, Scotland and Wales. It covers everything from health and safety to wiring installation and inspection testing.

You can apply for a self study NVQ course if looking for a faster route to becoming an electrician. These courses usually run between 6 and 2 years. They can be completed on-line or in person.

You can also choose to study an NVQ degree or a degree as an electrical engineer at an institution of higher learning. This will provide you with many additional qualifications and help you get a job in a company or even start your own business as a self-employed electrician.

There are a variety of electrical qualifications and you’ll need to select one that matches your needs. Certain types of qualifications are designed for newcomers to the field and some are designed specifically for experienced electricians, so make sure you choose ones that match your career goals and at or near the level 3. You can self-certify your work by joining the scheme for competent persons.

Work environment

You can be an electrician in many different places which include industrial and commercial buildings. You could also be accountable for maintaining and repairing electrical equipment. You will need to know how to use power tools safely and effectively and have the correct safety and health procedures in place.

An electrician’s career can be very rewarding and lucrative. There are many advancement routes to choose from. There is a good chance that your career will grow with the ever-growing demand for skilled tradesmen.

Electricians should be able to perform their job safely, and you’ll be required to adhere to the UK’s wiring regulations (BS 7671:2018). You will need to comply with these standards by executing your electrical installations according to the highest standards and keeping current with the latest developments in the law and best practices.

It is also possible to register with a certified competent person certification scheme. This means submitting a copy of your work for evaluation and being reassessed on a regular basis typically for a cost of hundreds of pounds.

Many electricians go on to open their own companies and become self-employed, which is an extremely rewarding method to earn money. This requires you to take on a lot more responsibility.

It is vital to ensure that your work conforms to the UK’s wiring regulations as well as building regulations. This involves ensuring that all the materials you work with are safe, and that you follow the proper waste disposal procedures.

You’ll also need keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in the electrical industry and new technologies to get the most of your skills. For instance, you may be responsible for installing photovoltaic solar panels. This can enable your clients to claim subsidy payments under the feed-in tariff.

There is a great demand in the UK for electricians in the uk. There are numerous opportunities to work in various environments. You can find work with many different employers and you can choose to specialize in one field of electrical engineering like microgeneration or renewable energy. You can also pursue an engineering degree to become an engineer who is certified.

Working conditions

The work conditions for electricians in the UK vary based on what type of work they are doing. They can work indoors in workshops, offices, or outdoors, and on construction sites. They may have to climb, crawl, or lift heavy equipment.

Their work is typically centered around substations, power generators, and in-service relays. They inspect, test and repair electrical equipment. They also conduct electrical installation on buildings and power distribution networks.

The majority of electricians work between to 40 hours per week. Work on weekends and overtime are offered to accommodate the needs of the customer. Some electricians in uk work part-time or flexible hours.

Electricians should be able to work safely and have been trained in a variety of safety procedures. They must have a basic knowledge about electricity and be proficient in reading technical drawings.

The job of a UK electrician can be extremely rewarding and provides high earning potential. They are sought-after throughout the country, since demand for new construction is always high.

For a career as a uk electrician, you will need to have GCSEs (or an equivalent) in English and maths. Additionally, you must have at least three GCSEs with a grade B or higher. You must also hold an driving license and work experience and practical skills.

An electrical installation apprenticeship typically lasts four years, and includes on-the-job instruction. Apprentices are paid by the hour, and their salaries begin at around 40% of the rate of a journeyperson.

When you have completed your apprenticeship you are able to move on to an advanced apprenticeship, where you learn additional skills, such as maintenance and installation of computers. You can then move on to the position of supervisor or manager within your company.

An electrician working in the UK has access to a wide range of electrical equipment, ranging from tiny electronic devices to massive industrial power systems, as well as building infrastructure. They may be responsible for wiring, fault rectification, and testing as well as commissioning. They might also be responsible for ensuring that electrical systems comply with British and European standards.


Electricians are among the most highly-paid jobs in Britain, with some earning six times the average salary. Electricians are amongst the top beneficiaries of the booming construction sector, with wages increasing by more than 10% over the last year.

The salaries for electricians vary significantly by region. London is in high demand for skilled workers, and salaries are higher than the national average. Electricians’ salaries have increased in the East and Midlands, while Scotland’s salary position has remained unchanged.

Salary is based on a variety of factors, including experience as well as qualifications. While new electricians can earn a few hundred pounds however, experienced electricians can earn more.

Qualifications such as the NVQ are vital to be eligible for higher-paying jobs. It is also recommended to strive to become an Gold Card Approved Electricalian. This will enable you to get more lucrative jobs.

Many homeowners are looking to have their homes rewired and upgraded with the latest technology. Electricians are in high demand both for domestic and commercial installations. They are frequently called upon to perform emergency repairs following disasters like burglaries and fires.

The importance of having experience is as it helps build your reputation and increase your customer service capabilities. It also allows you to discover what types of jobs are best for your style and skills.

Being a self-employed electrician is among the most lucrative ways to earn money as an electrician. This is due to the fact that you can set your own prices which is an important aspect of this job.

It is essential to bill your customers fairly for the labor you provide. Utilizing tools such as the Labor Rate Calculator in ServiceTitan will assist you in calculating the right rate for your company. ServiceTitan allows you to easily connect your timesheets with your payroll software like Sage Intacct or QuickBooks to ensure that your employees are the money they deserve for their hard work.

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