Morgan Nebeker asked 2 years ago

What would you say is/are the best way(s) to prepare for each midterm?

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James Gaskin answered 2 years ago

Totally depends on the midterm. They are all timed, so knowing the information before starting will be helpful, even though they are all open book, open note, open internet. The first one is conceptual and not so hard. The rest are mostly skill-based. So, you just need to PRACTICE a lot. We offer a lot of practice data and examples, mostly with solutions so that you can check yourself. My favorite way to practice the skill-based stuff is by doing what the prof is doing in the video, but changing it slightly to make it my own. Seems silly and simple, but it forces you to try to understand what the stable and dynamic parts of the example are. It also helps you run into problems that you might not otherwise run into.

Hayden Riley replied 2 years ago

Do the time limits vary from test to test or are they set? And if so what is that limit specifically for the upcoming test?

Lindsey Gill Ballard replied 2 years ago

Hayden- sorry for the delay. The time limits vary from test to test. Information on time limits can be found on MyEducator under the specific test.

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