Grace Weston asked 3 years ago

What is the best way to study for the midterm tomorrow? Is it just over the first 5 chapters? Are there any study materials?

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Justis answered 3 years ago

Make sure that you’ve read the chapters, and when I say read, I don’t mean skim I mean actually read them haha (I was a student in this class too once). The first midterm is over the first 4 chapters so make sure you know the concepts and key terms listed at the beginning of each chapter. If you know those, you’ll do great. If you happen to not remember one or two, it’s fine, the test is open book and open note just don’t use anyone else. It’s timed for 45 minutes I think so you don’t want to go into the test not having read anything, but looking up a term or two or three isn’t going to hurt you. Best of luck!

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