Matt asked 2 years ago

Are there videos or lectures we are supposed to watch along with the course? To me it looks like the course is only textbook reading and doing assignments based off of that. Is that right?

Austin replied 2 years ago

I like where Matt is going with this. I’m sure the textbook is great, although I haven’t seen any videos as I’ve clicked through (I’m sure a couple are in there).

However, it seems like even a remote class should have a teacher. Isn’t that why we pay money to the university? Maybe I could just pay the $69.99 and get 3 credits of tuition refunded?

floortson replied 2 days ago

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1 Answers
Quinn answered 2 years ago

Because the course is set up through MyEducator, you\’ll find readings there. There are sometimes embedded videos within the text. You\’ll do assignments based off of the content for those sections in MyEducator, both the text and videos. You might not need to always read every word or watch every video to understand the content.

Matt replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the answer! I do have another question though, and I don’t mean to disrespect anybody, but how does the professor have so many good reviews on ratemyprofessor if he doesn’t even teach? Am I missing something?

Abbie replied 2 years ago

There are in-person sections if you learn better that way. Everything you need to be successful is in MyEducator and the schedule tab of Learning Suite. There will be more videos in later chapters to help you learn the skills! Professor Gaskin will send a video every Monday with the schedule and tips, and the TA lab is always open to help you!

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