Ivana Trump's death is ruled an accident

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Staff there also said she appeared in decent health, and was looking forward to an upcoming trip to St Tropez.  Ivana was very popular with local businesses, and had been due to have her hair styled at 2pm on the day of her death.

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For Google, the accusation of attempting to blur lines between ads and organic results may come with slightly tricky time as it battles anti-trust allegations related to its behemoth role in the online ad world.

Ivana’s son Eric confirmed the news of Ivana’s death to DailyMail.com, saying in a statement issued on behalf of the family: ‘Our mother was an incredible woman – a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend.

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Google’s latest search results change further blurs what’s an ad – Digiday
hern on Twitter: “I would argue there is now no visual distinction between ads and results. There is still, technically, *labelling*, but it’s hard to escape the conclusion that it is supposed to be difficult to spot at a glance where the ad …

The brief exchange over RCS (in which Cook also told the questioner, “I’d love to convert school tutoring where can i find tutor near me near me you to an iPhone”) came at the end of wider discussion with Apple’s former lead product designer, Jony Ive, and Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, about Jobs’ legacy and plans for an online Steve Jobs archive.

According to new research, Google’s latest method of flagging ads in search results may be further blurring the line between organic and paid placements, and having a measurable effect on the likelihood that users will click-through promoted results.

Ivana wed Trump in a private ceremony held at Marble Collegiate Church in New York City – and they went on to have three children together: Donald Jr., born in 1977, Ivanka, born in 1981, and Eric, born in 1984.

On the left is an example of what Google’s current search results look like. On the right is an older design with a clearer delineation of what is an ad and what isn’t An ‘Ad’ favicon can be seen next to results that have been promoted.

Likewise, in November last year, Google became the subject of a lawsuit by advertising company, Inform, which claims that that same anti-competitive behavior undermined the ad agency’s business between 2014 and 2016.

She was also incredibly outspoken about her feelings towards Trump’s currently wife Melania, sensationally stating in 2017 that she was the true ‘first lady’ because she was the then-President’s first wife.

Ivana’s youngest child Eric, 38, was seen outside his mother’s New York home on Thursday afternoon shortly after the news of her death broke. He issued a statement to DailyMail.com in the wake of Ivana’s passing, praising her as an ‘incredible woman’

Ivana was born in Czechoslovakia in 1949 to an electrical engineer father, Miloš Zelníček and telephone operator mother, Marie, however she relocated to Canada in the mid-1970s, before moving to the US, where she took up residence in New York City.

The couple were married for 13 years before splitting in 1990 after Trump had an affair with Marla Maples, who went on to become his second wife. Ivana was awarded a hefty $14 million as part of her divorce settlement with her former husband, which was made official in 1992 – just months before Trump wed Maples.

Eric also took to Instagram to post a tribute to his late mother, sharing several images of the socialite and her children over the years, including photos of Ivana with her children when they were younger.

In November 2020, following the presidential election – which Trump lost to Joe Biden – she discussed his refusal to accept the result, saying that he was ‘not a good loser’ and that he was likely going to ‘fight and fight and fight’ against conceding the race.

Following her split from Trump, Ivana began a romance with Italian businessman Riccardo Mazzucchelli, whom she wed in 1995, however the marriage was short-lived and the pair divorced just two years later.

Ivana maintained a good relationship with Trump over the years, even speaking out to wish him a Happy Birthday in 2021, when she revealed that she had spoken with her ex-husband and joked to him that he shouldn’t ‘worry about his age’.

‘I know she was going to St Tropez until September. She was great, nothing wrong with her. I just saw her last Friday, she came to the salon, I did her hair. She was a very lovely lady …. Very friendly,’ added Fatih Cakirca, who works alongside his brother at Salih Salon, not far from Ivana’s home. She looked very healthy and happy.

She was spotted on occasions stepping out in the Upper East Side neighborhood where her townhouse was located, either on shopping trips, or for meals that she often enjoyed with Rubicondi, before he passed away.

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