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Annie Rawson asked 1 year ago

Hey! My name is Annie Rawson and I have a question about IS 201. 
I took this class last semester and passed but I’m taking it again this semester to get a different grade. With the Flowchart homework, I remember doing this assignment last semester and not doing very well on it, but I can’t remember where the gaps in my knowledge are. This whole semester, I haven’t looked back at previous work because I don’t want to be cheating and I know a lot of the exams and projects are the same. 
Where is the line for that? Can I look back at former work as long as I’m redoing the assignment the correct way and not just resubmitting what I did last semester? 



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James Gaskin answered 12 months ago

Sorry I didn’t answer this earlier. The short answer is that you can only get credit for your work. But, if you did it last semester, then it is your work. 

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