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Fridge Freezers Built In

Fridge freezers built in fridge freezer 50/50 in allow you to integrate a fridge into your fitted kitchen without disrupting the style you’ve spent time and money on. Designed to blend seamlessly behind doors for cabinets, they’re ideal for people who prefer a simple and harmonious decor.

There are two types of refrigerators: flush or overlay. Overlay models have doors that protrude past surrounding cabinets, while flush refrigerators are installed underneath cabinetry and can be topped with panels.


Built-in fridge freezers are often wider than freestanding refrigerators on average. This is due to the gap in your cabinetry has to be accommodated for the freezer and fridge to work seamlessly. Use a tape measure to verify the dimensions of the niche before you buy.

The refrigerator freezers integrated into the fridge are usually about 60cm wide (including the cabinet housing). This shouldn’t be an issue when the kitchen cabinets you’re using are standard size. However, if you plan to install the fridge freezer integrated in a new cabinet, make sure that the dimensions of the model you pick will be able to fit.

Take into consideration the size of the fridge/freezer doors and the type of installation. You can choose between models with similar sizes for fridge and freezer or models that have a ratio of 70:30, that give you more freezer space than fridge. These fridge freezers are perfect for people who like to stock up on food and cook in bulk. This makes it easy to gain access to their most frequently utilized food items.


Fridge freezers that are integrated into kitchens that are fitted are designed to be a seamless fit without compromising your style. The appliances have been discreetly integrated into the fascias. They offer an impressive amount of storage space and clever functions, such as the ability to control humidity in crisper drawers along with water and ice dispensers, as well as flexible zones which can be used either as a fridge or freezer.

If you’re looking for a built in fridge freezer that is able to blend into the rest of your kitchen cabinets look no further than a Miele French door model that comes with a top mounted freezer. With its slim footprint, this appliance is able to fit into small spaces and still provide enough space for all your fresh food items and leftovers.

built in american fridge freezer ( fridge freezers are also available with a split of 70/30 where the fridge is larger than the freezer. This allows you to store larger items such as bulk-buys as well as frozen foods with the usual groceries. If you are replacing an integrated model with a taller refrigerator-freezer you’ll need to remove the tall housing before installing a separate refrigerator.


Refrigerators that are integrated can be an excellent option since they are designed to blend seamlessly into your fitted kitchen without compromising the chic look you’ve invested in. They’re equipped with a concealed compressor and discrete door hinges to allow you to keep your fridge and freezer separate and still appear seamless. This is ideal for those who have lots of food items in your freezer that has to be frozen again or if you prefer to eat fresh foods.

Integrated fridge freezers are available in a range of sizes, with different heights too. You can also choose from a 50:50 split which allocates equally space to freezer and fridge or Built In American Fridge Freezer a 60/40 or 70/30 split that makes use of larger fridge space.

Siemens refrigerators and freezers are equipped with a myriad of features that make cooking and shopping enjoyable. HyperFresh Premium features 0degC temperature to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for up to 2 times longer thanks to sealing in moisture.


Refrigerator freezers are active all the time and consume a lot of energy, therefore it’s essential to select one that is energy efficient. Choose models that have an energy rating that is low.

Smart fridge freezers with clever features are a great way to get more from your appliances. Look for cooling zones that keep produce fresher longer, and humidity controls which change the airflow so food is freshest.

The no-frost option will defrost your freezer so you don’t have to. You should also look out for features such as holiday mode, which keeps the refrigerator operating at a lower temp and a rating of the climate to help you choose the right appliance for your home.

Built-in fridge freezers feature distinctive designs and aren’t the kind of products you’ll find at the big box stores. These appliances require a high level of expertise and a customisation, which these types of stores can’t provide.


Refrigerator freezers are more expensive in the beginning than other fridges, but will save you cash in the long run on energy bills and food waste. Maintaining your refrigerator and freezer free of food, particularly in the top space can reduce power usage as the compressor doesn’t need to work as hard to cool down the air. Place your slow cooker and hot plates near the fridge’s front. This will cause the heat to increase and cause your fridge to work harder.

Keep an eye out for fridge freezer built in 50/50 freezers which are Quiet Mark certified to guarantee an appliance that is quieter. Features like Door Cooling and EasyFresh will ensure that your food stays fresher for longer too. AO shows the annual operating cost of each refrigerator freezer in the description so you can get an idea of how much they will cost at home. It’s important to be aware that these can fluctuate as electricity prices increase and decrease.

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