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The Ghost Immobiliser Liverpool

Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser that’s discreet and protects your vehicle from key-cloning. It also guards against hacking, ECU swapping, and ECU-swapping. It is simple to install and not detectable. It can be installed by an TASSA registered technician or by a DIY.

It connects to the CAN data circuit in your car and communicates with its ECU via buttons on your steering or door panels. It prevents your vehicle from starting until you enter the PIN code sequence. It also has the option of setting a valet.

It is a CAN-bus connected device

Ghost is a new immobiliser that is designed to shield your vehicle from key duplicates. ECU hacking, and car theft. It is a small weatherproof device that can be fitted to almost every vehicle. It won’t alter the warranty or transferability of your car. It connects to the CAN network and is able to be concealed without any additional wiring. It doesn’t require key fobs and it doesn’t interfere with normal car operation. It’s among the most effective ways to stop theft of cars, and you can even track your car using the help of a GPS tracking system if it’s stolen.

It stops key duplicates by preventing engine operation if there is a fake PIN code entered. It is also able to disable the vehicle’s ignition and prevent it from being started, even if a legitimate key is present. It also has a servicing mode, which permits you to drive your vehicle with others or have it serviced without the alarm going off. It can even be re-enabled as soon as you’ve returned your vehicle to its original state.

The ghost immobiliser is a sophisticated security solution that utilizes buttons already installed in your vehicle to enter a unique pin code sequence. It can be modified at any time by you, and is unnoticeable to anyone who enters the vehicle. It’s not affected by signal jamming and spoofing devices.

Ghost is a subtle deterrent that is difficult to remove or bypass. It’s also more easily concealed behind the dashboard than a bulky obvious mechanical anti-theft device. Additionally, it’s more reliable than most other car security systems, such as the factory-fitted immobilisers that come in all new cars today.

Autowatch’s Ghost immobiliser can protect your vehicle from theft and reduce costs for insurance. You can use it on any kind of vehicle, including motorhomes bicycles, boats as well as ride-on lawnmowers and plant equipment. It’s also compatible with many electric vehicles. It’s easy to install and won’t void your car’s warranty or transferability.

Easy to install

The Ghost Immobiliser Liverpool, a modern-day system that makes it impossible for car thieves to steal your vehicle. It is connected to the CAN network and is compatible with all vehicles. It has an exclusive disarm sequence that is not affected by diagnostics tools or codes grabbing/RF scanning technology. It can also be activated by an remote iPhone app so you can start your car stolen with ghost immobiliser from any place in the world. This feature is particularly useful if your vehicle needs to be given over to valet parking, servicing or maintenance.

The system generates a PIN code using the buttons on the steering wheel, door panels or the centre console. It must be entered prior to the engine getting started. This means that thieves can’t copy your keys or hack the computer of your car. In addition the device can be linked to a car tracker to assist you in locating your car if it is stolen.

You can also use the app on your phone to modify your pin code, or even disable it. You can also enable valet service mode, fitting which will stop anyone else from entering the pin code. This lets you leave your vehicle for valet parking or servicing without worrying about it being stolen. The system will not affect your warranty, and it could even lower your insurance costs.

autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser Ghost is an easy-to-install vehicle security system for vehicles. It guards your vehicle from theft and key duplicates. It can be fitted to many car models and even bicycles, motorhomes and plant equipment. The system can be easily programmed with the touch-screen interface, and you can even set an emergency PIN that will disable your Ghost immobiliser.

Ghost immobilisers are a great way to secure your vehicle, especially when you live in an urban area where crime rates are high. You can also install a tracker inside your car to track the location of your vehicle. Some ghost immobilisers let you to monitor the status of your vehicle using your smartphone. You can also switch off the engine and disable the alarm remotely.

It is programmable

The Autowatch Ghost is a non-detectable immobiliser that guards your vehicle against key cloning and hacking. It makes use of the buttons on your car to create an individual code. This makes it almost impossible for thieves to open the doors of your vehicle. It also protects against engine tampering.

It can be programmed to meet your personal requirements. It can be programmed to ensure that it runs a pre-programmed clock when not in use, or to activate after a certain period of time. It can be used in a number of vehicles that include cars, vans and trucks. It can be combined with an Alarm System to provide you with additional security.

This kind of immobiliser comes with the added benefit of being able to use it in conjunction with other vehicles. It doesn’t interfere with the original immobiliser that was installed at the factory. It is programmed so that it can be used with any keyfob, making equipment that is cloned and other spoofing techniques more difficult to use by criminals. It also blocks RF scanning on the engine ECU.

This new technology is completely waterproof and can be hidden anywhere inside the vehicle. It’s so small that it’s not able to be detected by modern vehicle burglars that use diagnostics in order to locate immobilisers. It also is resistant to radio frequency signals, which means it is not vulnerable to hacking like other immobilisers.

It was developed and built to tackle the latest trends of car theft. It can be connected to the OBD port in your vehicle. It will stop the engine from starting unless you enter a personal PIN code. The system will shut down the engine of your vehicle after a set period of time. This is a great method to protect your car from professional criminals who have been known to access to expensive vehicles’ OBD ports.

One thing to note is that you should always contact your insurance company before fitting a Ghost immobiliser. I recently read on PH of a person who experienced an engine failure on their bmw ghost immobiliser M5. They were denied warranty coverage due to the Ghost immobiliser was considered to be an important modification.

It is not detectable.

The ghost immobiliser and tracker immobiliser is a revolutionary device that safeguards your vehicle against key cloning and ECU hacking. It integrates with your car’s buttons on the dashboard, steering wheels, and door panels, creating the pin code that needs to be entered to start your vehicle. This makes it very difficult for thieves to steal a car and allows you track it. The ghost can be modified to include additional features, like emergency button activation or service valet mode.

The device is designed so that it is not detectable by a burglar. It is also small enough to fit into the smallest of places in your vehicle. It can be utilized in many different vehicles and utilizes the CAN network to communicate with the engine control unit. It can be installed without causing damage to wiring or the replacement of your vehicle. It can be fitted in vehicles equipped with an immobiliser right from the factory.

It can be used to secure your vehicle from a variety of theft methods, including key cloning and ECU hacking. It’s a great way to ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure, especially in the case of a rare or expensive vehicle. It can also discourage thieves from trying to take your vehicle, since it deters them from attempting to steal it.

One of the most popular ways to prevent your car from being stolen is by installing an immobiliser. Installing an immobiliser is an easy and simple method to stop thieves from breaking into your vehicle. These systems can be purchased from most auto shops and are generally simple to install.

Autowatch Ghost 2 is another option to stop car theft. It is a discrete weatherproof system that can be easily installed by our qualified technicians. The system is hidden in the interior of your car and is programmed with a a unique PIN code. It is not able to be detected by code-stealing devices, RF scanners or organized car thieves.

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