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Ghost 11 Immobiliser

You need a solution to protect your pride and happiness from car thefts. With the ghost 11 immobiliser you’ll be able to rest in mind that your car will be safe from key cloning hacking and keyless access.

The device is discreet and has no LED indicators, which makes it inaccessible to thieves. Its TASSA approval means that your insurance company will recognize it too.

TASSA Approved

The Autowatch ghost immobiliser is a hidden device that operates in the background to safeguard your vehicle from hacking, cloning and key theft. It does this by interacting with the vehicle’s ECU via its data bus, which prevents detection by common diagnostics of thieves and scanners for RF.

The device connects to the existing CAN network in your car. It then locks the motor by stopping it from being started unless a certain sequence of buttons are hit. You can choose from a pre-programmed list of numbers, or if you’d like to add another layer of security, you could make use of a mobile application to generate the code. This means that if you’re away from your car for long periods of time, you can deactivate the system with the help of the app and nobody can drive it without knowing.

If it is installed in a discreet manner, it will be impossible for a thief to remove. The CAN Bus immobiliser is extremely small and can be concealed behind the steering wheel or door panels, or even the center console, making it almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. It is designed to be almost invisible, and there are no ‘telltale’ relay clicks that could indicate that it’s been installed.

The Ghost is extremely difficult to break with the help of a new ECU or key. The CAN Bus immobiliser is extremely discrete and does not have LEDs or transponders to indicate that it’s been put in place and is particularly helpful if you have rare or expensive vehicles.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is suitable for almost any vehicle, it is an excellent investment for those with rare or expensive cars. The Autowatch Ghost will help to stop the possibility of thefts, and is ideal for those who are replacing their vehicle, or who have to wait for a long time before getting a replacement.

CAN Bus Immobiliser

We offer the most recent generation of CAN-bus immobilisers that are certified by TASSA and fully insured. These immobilisers will safeguard your vehicle from high-tech thieves. These modern devices are more effective than older re-programmable immobilisers as they have dual immobilisation, digital and analog, making it impossible for hi technology criminals to use relays key cloning, key cloning and signal jamming to steal your car in minutes.

This innovative and unique CAN Bus system is fitted by experts and utilizes the existing buttons on your car to create a unique, programmable PIN button sequence that needs to be entered prior to the car’s start. Contrary to trackers and alarms, it works silently, without any audible clicks that can alert the thief to its presence.

To operate the device the thief would break the vehicle wiring for the red data network CAN which is where ECUs connect to each other (shown above in yellow). They would then use an electronic device that can inject fake messages into the CAN bus. It’s basically an array of messages that say “key valid”, and the engine control units will recognize the fake messages and allow your vehicle to begin.

The Ghost will not take this and prevent the car from getting started. The driver then has to enter a unique and changeable PIN code that must be entered before the vehicle can start. This can be done using the existing buttons in your car (4-21 presses) or with a mobile phone app, Bluetooth tag or even your smartwatch!

This system is much superior to the lesser Ghost/Starline i96s on the market, and they only have digital engine blocking. They can also be programmed with aftermarket key fobs. This is a new generation of security that protects your car from both high tech and old style key cloning techniques employed by shady criminals in garages and car parks around the UK.

No Key Fobs or LED Signs

Ghost is a hidden device. It does not have any LED indicators which would signal its presence. It’s therefore inaccessible to car thieves. This makes it a fantastic option for vehicles that have an increased chance of being stolen, such as classic cars or luxury vehicles. Ghost is a powerful security measure against thieves since it does not show any visible indicators. This happens even if a wrong key is used, or if the battery of the keyfob in the vehicle is low.

Our technicians can install it easily. There is no need for additional wiring as the system is directly connected to your CAN bus information which is located in the control unit of your car. This means there is no need for extra immobiliser relays. This is a crucial factor as if there are any immobiliser relays, the device could be altered with and removed.

After the ghost immobiliser has been installed it will prevent your vehicle from being cloned or hacked. Not only will it prevent the vehicle from starting however, it will also aid you in locating it. The best part is that this can be done with no changes to the factory wiring. Ghost works by using the buttons on your vehicle to generate an unique, reversible PIN code sequence. This is then entered using an app for mobile devices that you can download on your smartphone. It takes 20 presses on the buttons on your car to guess the PIN.

This technology is so advanced that it can’t be defeated by a modern car criminal. It is a simple, easy to use system that protects your vehicle from cloning and hacking. It is easy to install in modern vehicles, and is an ideal choice for those who own rare or expensive cars.

The Autowatch Ghost anti key clone immobiliser and hacking device is a small, weatherproof device that can be hidden in your vehicle without the need for additional wiring. It makes use of the buttons on your car to transmit information and is programmed to allow only you to access the ghost immobiliser. This includes a valet mode which can be used for servicing and transferring your car to valet parking without revealing the PIN code to anyone who you may not trust.

Easy Installation

With vehicles being taken across the country, and people having to wait for a replacement or to purchase another vehicle, it is important to make sure that your pride and joy stays with you. Many times, thieves target vehicles that are in demand or are able to be taken for parts. While clamps and wheel locks can be removed or bypassed, ghost immobilisers are hidden inside your vehicle, making them impossible for thieves to discover or remove.

These clever devices work by communicating with the engine control unit of your vehicle via the CAN data circuit, meaning it can’t be identified by thieves using the conventional OBD port on your vehicle or the diagnostics. These devices also prevent key cloning, hacking and other types of theft. They are perfect for protecting expensive or rare vehicles.

It’s easy to install the ghost immobiliser since it is a small, weatherproof device that can be tucked away inside your vehicle. It’s difficult to detect because it doesn’t include any LED indicators or key fobs, so you can be sure that a potential thief will not be able to see it. You can also deactivate the system using your phone, which means that you are the only person who can start your car.

You can choose up to 20 different button presses. This allows you to create a unique sequence that can be recognized only by you. It’s similar to the PIN code that you use to access your bank account or credit card. This ensures that you are the only one who has the right to drive away your vehicle. If you must leave your car, it’s easy to lock it once more by pressing the same sequence of buttons.

Another feature that distinguishes the autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser ghost apart is that it is an TASSA certified product that was tested by 3rd party experts to be as reliable as it can be. It includes a vehicle marking system that links to the International Security Register, which will notify authorities in the event that your vehicle is stolen. This extra layer of security is just one of the many reasons why many people are opting for the ghost immobiliser.

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