How can I improve my quiz scores?

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Kylie A asked 4 years ago

How can I improve my quiz scores? The questions in MyEducator don’t always use text-based wording when asking a question, which really throws me off as this is my first experience with information systems or computer jargon. Any suggestions?

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Jared Watts answered 4 years ago

You may try to use “ctr” F (or cmd F on mac) to search for something in the page. For example, if the question is asking about hyper-threading, you may want to search for hyper-threading and re-read what the text has on hyper-threading and then go through each possible answer and cross them out as you go.
The quiz questions are designed for you to take what the text says a step farther, but usually the correct answer is saying the same general thing in a slightly different way.
If you need help going over a concept before taking a quiz, you can jump in the queue and the next available TA would be able help you better understand the concepts.

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