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How to Get Help When You’re Locked Out of a Car

There’s a good chance you’ve experienced the frustration of locking your keys inside your car. There are ways to escape this sticky situation.

You should first check every door. If you spot a door that isn’t locked you can get it opened from the inside.

Check Every Door

Examine all doors if cannot get into your vehicle. This is a simple step, but often people don’t take it because they’re focused on getting the door to the driver open.

It might seem like a waste of time but taking a short stroll around your vehicle and inspecting each door could save you from a lot of trouble later on. It’s a great way to ensure that all locks function properly.

You will need a tool that can reach the lock and get past the top of the door to open it. There are plenty of tools that can be used for just that.

For example, you can make use of a rod or a straightened wire hanger for clothes. You should not damage any of the wood or plastic pieces that comprise your doors as this could cause severe damage.

Once you have the hanger or rod the right size and shape, lift the top of your door as high as you can with it. Next, slide the rod/hanger between the top of your door and the frame.

Depending on the type of vehicle you own the rod or hanger will need to be pushed in gently to avoid damaging it. After you’ve successfully pushed into the rod or hanger, you can slide the lock button and depress it to open the door.

This method can be used in any car. It will work in cars like a hatchback, a sedan convertible, a hatchback, or even station wagons.

Another option is to locate an ordinary shoelace, tie the knot with a slip knot, then attach it to the door. This will create a tiny loop that you can wrap around the locking post.

This will give you an easy method of unlocking your door and spare yourself from a long drive to the nearest police station or auto mechanic. You should be careful not to damage the door or lock out of my car. If you do, you could have to call an locksmith for more serious assistance.

Call for Help

It can feel like you are in a crisis when your car is locked. There are a variety of ways to seek help if you are stuck.

It is recommended to have an extra set of keys with someone who will quickly come to the rescue in case you ever get locked out situation. Put them in your wallet, purse or a well-hidden spot on the car.

If you own a more modern vehicle, some manufacturers offer smartphone apps that permit you to unlock your car remotely from your phone. These apps are great for preventing lockouts from happening again and are also useful in times of emergency, so be sure to visit the official website of your manufacturer.

Contacting roadside assistance is another great option to seek assistance in case you’re stuck. Numerous companies provide this service and can unlock your vehicle at no cost. This service is usually covered by your car’s maker insurance company, or AAA.

But, you should be cautious about who you decide to have help out when you’re stuck. Avoid calling your friend who was bragged to at a gathering about how to open car door without keys he was able to break into cars using a tiny jim. This could cause major damage to your car and cost you thousands in repair bills.

A locksmith can also be an excellent resource since they will be able to access your vehicle for you at no cost. It is recommended to keep the track of your key code number along with your personal identification number, as well as other details to ensure that the locksmith can locate the information for you in the event that you are not able or unwilling to open your door.

The dealer you go to may assist you with an older vehicle. While you’ll need to complete the paperwork and pay for the service it is a safe and affordable option worth looking into.

If you’re stuck without any other way of getting help in the event of an emergency, calling emergency police service is a good idea. You might be able receive assistance from a police officer, who will employ a slim jim, or other device to unlock the door for you, and possibly call a tow truck on your behalf (which will be included on your bill).

Inflatable Wedge

An inflatable wedge can be an excellent tool to assist you in getting out of a locked out of my car near me vehicle. It can be used to put between the car’s doors and weather stripping. Then, it can be inflated manually by a hand pump. This tool is an excellent auto lockout service tool that locksmiths, repo workers, and other technicians working on automotive repairs can use to open doors or windows.

It can also be used to widen the gap between two doors or other furniture pieces that are locked. When inflating the bag it’s important to slowly inflate it until it has filled to a certain level that will lift the object.

A quality air pump wedge can be a valuable tool in your emergency kit, but ensure you choose one that’s strong and not marring. It’s also advisable to use an air pump wedge that is easy to insert and doesn’t hold dirt or grit from the car’s windows.

Look for air pump wedges made of ballistic, non-marring material. They should also have rounded edges to make it easier to get into. You’ll also want to pick one with an internal stiffener so it can be slipped between the door frame and the weather stripping much more easily.

An inflatable wedge can be used to gain access to newer or older vehicles without causing damage to the paint. It will leave enough room for you to insert a long rod or stick to push the unlock button.

Inflatable wedges are dangerous when not handled with care and it’s crucial to learn the correct technique before using them on a client’s vehicle. You should not deflate the wedge before inserting it. This could trap an item, shim, or other items inside the car and cause damage to the vehicle.

If you’re a professional you may choose to purchase a toolkit, which includes an air wedge and other tools for opening automobiles. This kit can be purchased at numerous retailers, including LockPickShop. It can also be found at a variety of towing companies as well as other roadside assistance services.

Coat Hanger Trick

Cars are a huge part of our lives, providing people with the freedom and mobility they need. However being locked out of your car is not an enjoyable experience. It can be a frustrating feeling to feel trapped in a bind, hopeless and helpless, however, there are ways to get yourself back in the car as swiftly as you can.

A coat hanger is among the most popular ways to get into your car when you are stuck. This is applicable to locks with pull-up locks as well as horizontal locks.

All you require to do this is an coat hook and a few pliers. Begin by unraveling the hanger’s wire so that it has a hook on each side and one that’s straight. Once you’ve got your hanger in the correct form, slide the curving end between your window and the black weather stripping that covers the lower edges of your car’s window.

Once the hanger is put between the two pieces and you are able to move it up and down to locate the lock arm that opens your door. After repeating this process many times the lock will automatically unlock.

If you own a modern vehicle, this method may not work since most doors have vertical push button locks that are difficult to reach with a coat hanger. This method can damage the paint of your car door.

You can also insert a wire hook into the gap between the frame of your car and the door. This is especially useful for older vehicles that have manual locks and will give you a bit of leverage to grab the lock and open your door.

This trick comes with a drawback. It isn’t easy to get a wire hook into the tiny space between your car’s frame and your door. If you push a wire hanger into the space, it may cause damage to the weatherproofing.

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