Kellie Nance asked 12 months ago

With the flowcharts I’m a little confused with setting it up at the beginning. There is the start, and then do you always have the “inputs” box? And in the inputs part, is that where you put all the constant variables? And then the tests that you are running you put after that? 
And what is the difference between “inputs from setup” and just normal “inputs?” And which of the two would you put first? 
I hope that makes sense, thanks for your help!

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Matt McCord answered 12 months ago

Input boxes are almost always used but not required. You also don’t necessarily put all of the constant variables in the setup box.
The inputs from setup would be providing values that would be set in the system (like tuition amount because the university would set this) while the normal inputs are inputs that the user would be inputting. Generally Inputs from setup comes first.

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