Rowena Stubbs asked 10 months ago

The result of $20 million in turnover?

A mere 2,000 brand searches a month. That’s not a brand; that’s a few people checking you’re legit after seeing your ads on TikTok.

To be fair, he is right. And he’s not the only one to think that.

Since Google told everyone that Search Generative Experience (SGE) was coming, even SEO consultants have been crying in their tea, maling fearing that traffic will be destroyed.

And for good reason, there are likely to be fewer people clicking through to websites thanks to AI.

But there is no need to cry into the tea mug you snagged at your recent SEO seminar.

SGE is going to birth a new and far larger beast.

Organic search optimization (OSO).

The shifting perspective of search
It’s time we revisit some marketing 101.

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