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William was born c 1778 and had started off on a promising military career earlier than out of the blue developing a watch inflammation on a march between Norwich and Colchester that brought on him to go blind in 1802, on the age of 24 years. And then, ¤µ¤ó¤Î¥Ö¥í¥°¤Ï¥³¥Á¥é admittedly at the more colourful finish of the spectrum, there’s Lt Col Anthony Gale, born in Dublin (1761 or probably 1782) however undoubtedly connected with the Gales of Queen’s County – I believe he will need to have been a primary cousin of William Gale of Ballyroan – who grew to become the fourth commandant of the US Marines, was court docket-martialled for a rich number of offences together with blasphemy and visiting a brothel, turned more and more drink-sodden and mentally unwell, lived for a while just north of Philadelphia before, in the 1830s, shifting to Kentucky, where he died in 1843 and is buried in an unmarked grave. I don’t think that William Gale Breene was carefully associated to Lt Col Anthony Gale, but there may have been some extra distant connection, no less than in the sense that William Gale Breene could have been conscious of his story. On this context, I’m notably interested within the households of Captain Thomas Gale and his brother William Gale, both of Valleyfield, Ballyroan, Queen’s County.

In particular, there was an estate at Ashfield, Arles, just over the border from Co. Carlow into Queen’s County (Co. Laois), that had belonged to the Gale household since Cromwell’s time, with offspring who married into other local families. Within the early 19th century, together with a surname as a center title was sometimes a means of perpetuating a connection with one other household – a maternal household of origin, a cherished relative, and even that of an esteemed godparent or different patron. So, taking his marriage date into account, might James Gale Breene have been a cousin, or even a brother, of William Gale Breene? May one of these sons have married Frances Breene? Concerning the marriages above, specifically the marriage of Frances Breene to Patrick Byrne in 1833, it’s irresistible, if perhaps irrelevant, to level out that one Patrick Byrne (c. In fact Patrick Byrne is hardly an unusual name, but all the identical, it’s a satisfying level to ponder.

For the second, though, it’s price observing the existence of a Byrne family – massive, outstanding and properly-linked – who, as farmers and merchants, in Cos. There’s a powerful strand of enthusiasm for the visual arts that appears to run down that aspect of my family tree. This strategy didn’t, admittedly, at all times go down very effectively. Additionally, it hyperlinks the Gale family with Philadelphia, which might additionally be where William Gale Breene met Margaret Jernee, in addition to with Kentucky, which isn’t all that removed from Dayton, Ohio. In any occasion, by about 1856, the Ballyroan properties were being sold off, breaking the longstanding Gale family reference to this space. In any occasion, this placing mixture of names is sufficient to make me pretty confident that William Gale Breene got here from Co. Carlow, not Co. Clare. In any event, witnesses testified that Dr Breene had not been current at the occasion in query, and in the end your complete prosecution was abandoned, though not earlier than the accused had all counter-sued for damages.

He married a lady named Mary, and in due course produced three sons, all architects. We shall have more to say about this in due course. Other sources hyperlink Francis Thomas Gale with Violet Lodge, Dalkey, and likewise Barrowview House, Carlow, and say that he was the eldest son of Captain Anthony Gale of the seventeenth Foot, and that he died on four September 1857 at the age of forty seven years. William H Breene died in 1901, on the comparatively young age of fifty three years – although his one-sentence obituary in the local paper mistakenly put his age at 51 years. Finally, Pettigrew & Oulton’s Dublin Almanack & Basic Register Of Eire of 1839 contains, in an inventory of legal professionals, one Luke J. Breene dwelling at Cavendish Row, Dublin – oddly, right subsequent to the Rotunda Hospital. So it’s conceivable that William Gale Breene may have been given his center identify to assert a reference to the Gales of Ballyroan, and certainly that William H Gale might have been some sort of influence on his early life in Ireland. William Gale Breene cared sufficient regarding the title “Gale” to bequeath it to two of his kids as a center name, one in every of whom, in flip, gave it to a son who gave it to his personal son.

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