Do Not Buy Into These "Trends" Concerning Replacement Window Handle

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Choosing uPVC Replacement Window Handles

Window handles are an integral part of uPVC frames and must be matched to the frame that is currently in use. The most important factor is the spindle length, which determines if your new uPVC handle will fit.

Check out the table below for a quick guideline for measuring your uPVC window handle’s spindle length. This will help you to order the correct window handle replacement for your double-glazed window.

Espag Handle

Espag handles are the most common style of handle found on windows made of upvc replacement window handles (they’re also often used in aluminium and wood too). They feature a square spindle that extends from the back of the handle and enters into the multi-point lock mechanism which is attached to the window. By turning the handle, you operate the system that locks and unlocks the locking points around the window.

Window handles made of Espag are available in many different styles and functions. Some come with a push-button for a ‘locked’ closed position and key-locking (and fire-escape non-locking where required). Many of them meet the Secure by Design standard to provide an extra level of security. They are also available with various sizes of spindles, which can be altered by using spindle sleeves to reduce the size of the spindles protruding from them.

Yale has examined the espagnolette handles we offer to ensure they are in line with the standards you would expect. They are suitable for upvc windows, timber windows and frames made of aluminium. We have a range of colors, and can match the handle with your hinges.

The step height is another important aspect of the espagnolette handle. This is the distance from the end of the handle to where it is placed on the frame, and it is essential to make sure it’s right to ensure a secure and uPVC Replacement Window Handles secure fit. Most of our handle designs are 43mm apart between the screw hole centres, which is the industry standard.

You can pick between straight or cranked handles. Cranked handles are a good choice in situations where the handle of the espagnolette is close to the frame’s edge. They give you more space to open up the window.

Our range of replacement handles made from upvc features a wide variety of styles, finishes and colors that will complement your home’s decor, including polished chrome, satin nickel and antique brass. Some of our products even include a soft-close mechanism that can reduce the sound of windows slamming shut.

Cockspur Handle

The Cockspur Window Handle was developed for those who manufacture windows and want to provide their customers with an elegant and high-quality design. These handles can be used with either uPVC windows or aluminium frames. They function by using spurs that lock over the frame’s edge to secure the window handle repair. The window handle can be locked so that it only opens when pushed, providing additional security. The handle comes in five different finishes, with left and right handed versions. This allows fabricators to cater for more windows.

The window handle of the cockspur is supplied with three packing pieces of different thicknesses. This allows them to be adjusted to a range of sizes for backsets. Each packer can be removed from the handle’s nose or added to the size of the step to get a different distance between 9mm and 21mm. The handle is available in left and right handed versions, with straight or curved nose options.

It is important to measure the height of your current handle before buying a new handle to ensure that it will fit properly. The wrong handle could lead to a variety of issues, such as the inability of the window to close. This can be a nuisance for homeowners and could cause excessive stress.

A cockspur handle is a type of handle that can be found on older uPVC and timber windows, and also on some aluminium windows. These handles don’t have any window locks integrated, unlike the Espag handles that are found on modern windows and include shootbolts or Espagnolette bar lock.

The espagnolette (often reduced to “espag”) handle is the most popular door handle replacements type that can be that is found on the latest uPVC casement windows. The Yale Encloser locking mechanism is activated when you turn the handles of the espagnolette. This is much safer than a traditional cockspur handle or the standard British handle. This is because when you turn the handle espagnolette it turns several locks inside the window frame to secure it.

Handle by turning and tilting

These windows are popular with people who want to increase the amount of airflow inside their home while also adding a level of security. As their name suggests, these windows have a tilt and turn function that allows them to tilt at 90 degrees to provide the appearance of a small opening or drop down to a hopper style for complete ventilation. Dual functionality provides them with a stylish appearance that can greatly enhance the wow factor of your double glazed windows.

Tilt-and-turn windows are more complex than other double-glazed window handle repair designs, which increases the cost of installation. They require more parts and a lot of labor. These windows are worth the investment as they can bring value and offer many advantages to your home.

A major benefit is that they permit you to clean your windows from inside without using external ladders. This is ideal for people who live in high rise buildings or flats as it eliminates the need to leave and the risk of falling from an elevated high height. Tilt and turn windows provide additional security since windows are locked when in a tilted or turned position, so unwanted intruders cannot open them from the inside.

These handles are typically found on European style windows in Germany and other European countries, but they can also be found in UK homes. The uPVC replacement handle is typically made of a spindle and is fitted with 7mm square spindles that is usually available in lengths of 32mm, 38mm and 44mm. The base of the handle is also more wide than other handles, which is why they are referred to as a ’tilt safe’ window handle as it can only be rotated to open the window after it has been locked into either the closed or tilt position.

To replace a uPVC window handle that turns and turns, first take off the old handle using the screwdriver. The screws are typically hidden behind a sprung-loaded backplate. Simply lift the backplate, then twist it to reveal two screw holes. You can determine the distance between the two screw holes using a ruler or tape measuring device. This is typically 43mm from the centre to the centre. Once you have a measurement, you can order the proper size handle for your uPVC window.

Aluminium Handle

Made from durable diecast aluminium Finished in stylish looking matt-black colour Concealed fixings

Typically made from corrosion resistant and weatherproof alloys, the handle of aluminum is sturdy enough to meet construction industry requirements. It can also be formed easily using industrial metal processing techniques like forging, extrusion and casting giving it a great degree of flexibility and nearly endless design possibilities.

Aluminium is also extremely strong and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. It is able to withstand the harshest of conditions. It is also immune to ultraviolet radiation and can be used indoors. It is extremely versatile and can also be colored to suit any style. From classic emulated hardware metals to lively applications of hundreds of pure colors The possibilities are endless.

Aluminum is not rusty and doesn’t require any maintenance. It is protected by an oxide layer that is natural. The protective layer can also be enhanced by a variety methods, like anodizing or powder coating, to provide additional corrosion resistance. It can last for many years without needing maintenance or cleaning. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly material that is 100 100% recyclable. This makes it the ideal choice for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. It also offers high thermal efficiency and is safe from fire.

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