Difficulty Linking Stylesheets After Changing Folder Structure

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Michael Clark asked 3 years ago

For our final project, one of the requirements is that we adjust the default folder structure and put all of our html files (except for the index.html) in a folder titled “html”. Because we are adjusting the folder structure, we need adjust the locations we describe in images, links, etc.. I’ve changed my folder structure according to the assignment, and I have been able to fix the links and images on my website, but I am having a hard time linking the bootstrap stylesheets (the stylesheets I’ve created work just fine) back to my websites. Any suggestions? For my images and links I placed a “../” before and that did the trick, but its not working with the bootstrap stylesheets.

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James Gaskin answered 3 years ago

To fix the stylesheets, you’ll need to adjust the href to them in the head of your HTML. Watch the video on the Learning Suite schedule on Dec. 8th that shows how to do this. 

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