Avoid Making This Fatal Mistake With Your Window Repair

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Window Repairs

Window repairs can help homeowners save money while maintaining their comfort. In the event of severe damages, like broken glass or a shattered frame, window replacement may be necessary.

However, many other issues can be fixed to prolong the life of your windows. The most frequent issues are:

Broken or cracked panes

If it’s an unintentional rock that was tossed by your lawnmowers or a tree branch blown by strong winds, cracked windows are not just unattractive but can lead to higher electricity bills as the broken pieces allow cold air to enter your home. It’s relatively easy to repair windows that have broken panes.

Begin by carefully removing the glass using gloves and sunglasses. You may have to use a utility knife to break loose any remaining putty or glazing compound that has accumulated around the edges of the frame. Then, clean the glass’s surface and window replacement the wood of the frame using a soft cloth or paper towel.

After the area is cleaned and dry, apply a waterproof silicone caulking to the perimeter of the frame. This will prevent water from getting into the frame through the crack and result in further damage.

A bad crack in double-paned glass could compromise the gas between the panes, which can make your windows less insulative. If the crack is so severe that it compromises the strength of the window, or if the inner pane is missing you might need to consult an expert.

Thermal stress cracks can also occur when there’s a significant difference in temperature between the outside and inside of your home, causing the glass to expand or contract. If this happens across two portions of a window, it’s probably best to replace the window instead of attempting to repair it.

For cracked windows that aren’t yet ready to be replaced, clear tape can do a great job of preventing the crack from spreading and preventing bugs from entering cold air. You can also cut a nylon stocking large enough to completely cover the crack, and then attach it using duct tape. It’s not a solution that will last forever however it’s a great solution in the event of a crisis and keeps cold air and insects from entering your home. If your windows are older and you’re beginning to notice cracks in the glass, it’s a good idea to check with the local window company to determine if replacing the entire window would be a better alternative for you.

Rotten Wood

Wood rot is a common problem with windows. It can affect the appearance of a home and it can also pose an hazard to safety. It is possible to repair the wood that has rotted. You will first need to identify the cause of the wood rot. This can be done by checking for roof leaks, missing gutters cracking caulking, and any other areas that allow water to get into the wood.

The next step is to take out any rotten parts of the window frame. This can be done using a rasp, chisel or claw hammer. After removing the decayed wood, you’ll have to replace it with fresh wood. It is recommended that you make use of pre-treated wood for this task as it is resistant to decay. If you are unable replace the rotted wood then you can use wood filler or hardener to help strengthen the damaged area. The majority of hardware stores carry this type of product. To achieve the best results, follow the instructions on the product label.

After you have repaired the damaged areas of the window sill, it is important that you protect the area. This can be done by applying an water-resistant wood sealant. A product such as Sikkens is a great choice for this job.

Use a two-part epoxy to safeguard the wood from further damage. This product is easy-to-apply and leaves a nice finish. It is crucial to follow the directions on the label. Once the epoxy filler has dried, you are able to smooth the wood’s surface. It is best to start with a rough layer of sandpaper and then move to a smoother grade.

The final thing you would like to do is make the area that is rotting even more by exposed to more water. It is a good idea, that’s why you should protect the surface you have repaired with an oil-based primer which will shield it from moisture. After that, you can apply the waterproof wood sealant.

The website won’t work

There are a variety of reasons windows won’t open. Wood frames can warp in wet weather, the house might have sunk or someone could have closed it to protect themselves. But with some patience and the right tools, most windows that are locked can be opened.

One of the most common causes of a window that isn’t opening is the accumulation of gunk or debris on its moving parts. Grime and dirt build up on sliding tracks, hinges, and locks over time, notes Acme Glass. Metal hardware can also rust when it comes in contact with humidity and direct sunlight. Making sure these areas are lubricated with spray grease can help to prevent corrosion and keep your window working well.

The pulleys used to raise or lower the window could become loose, or even break. These components can lose their tension and get blocked particularly if the window is located two or more stories higher than the ground.

If you have difficulty opening a door, you can use a pry-bar to gently push the window doctor open. Put a piece of wood on the frame to give the pry bar more leverage and be sure not to harm the window or wood. Try using a hairdryer to dry the frame’s edges for a few minutes. This will warm the wood, making it easier to move.

Another common problem for windows that aren’t opening is a faulty spring that stops the window jamb from lowering or rising. Depending on who manufactured the windows, you’ll need to refer to your owner’s manual for further instructions.

If you’ve tried cleaning and lubricating the moving components on your windows, but they still aren’t opening, it’s time to replace the windows. Homespire Windows & Doors offers windows that are energy efficient. Don’t let your windows go from functional to inoperable, as windows that aren’t properly closed can make your home vulnerable to burglary and water damage. Contact us today for more information on our replacement windows as well as our services!

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