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Add a Modern Touch to Your Home With a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be used to add a lot to your home. For one thing, it makes your home look more appealing to those who enter your living space.

It can also provide additional heat. It is your choice to select the model that best fits your needs and design.

Style Design

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is the most economical option to add a contemporary touch in a room. They can be recessed or hung in the wall according to your requirements. Most feature an electronic remote that allows you to control the flame, heater and timer from anywhere in the room. A recessed electric fireplace is ideal for rooms that have shallow walls or are small in size.

The units are available in different finishes. From sleek black to stainless steel to mirrored glass or crisp white. Choose a finish to complement your existing decor, and enhance the color of your walls, to create an attractive focal point in any room. Electric wall uk fireplaces don’t require chimneys or vents they are a safer option than a wood-burning fireplace. Certain models can be installed directly above a flat screen TV.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution, consider an entry level linear electric fireplace, such as the Allusion from Simplifire. This model is a great option for small spaces because it can be fully recessed into a 2×6 framed wall, without protruding more than 6.5 inches from the frame. You can also choose to upgrade to a deeper recess for a more built-in appearance.

A linear model that has a larger size such as the Dimplex Sierra Linear Electric Fireplace, is another alternative. It can be recessed into a wall or suspended from the ceiling and includes an attractive trim skirt to conceal the mounting hardware. Its customizable features and multiple options for installation make it a perfect fit for any space.

The latest wall-mounted electric fireplaces provide stunning ambience and additional heat with a simple plug-in style. They are more secure than traditional wood-burning fireplaces since they don’t produce smoke or ash. They can be even installed above a TV because they don’t generate heat that could damage electronics.

Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces come with a fan-driven heater which can heat a room of up to 400 square feet. This additional heat can help take the chill off in an area that is ideal for homes with a family.

Simple to operate

Wall mounted electric fires are a great option for those who are looking to install a fireplace, but do not wish to install one in their home or move to a new home. They are available in different designs and options that can be adjusted to any style of home decor or architectural style. Some have more modern designs, with LED lighting sets that can be altered to alter the color of the flames.

Make sure you have the right tools and be in the right position before you begin the installation. Depending on your electric fire’s instructions, you might have to drill exploratory holes into the wall before beginning the main work. A stud finder can be used to determine the exact location of these holes.

Once the holes are made then you must attach the bracket to the wall. Then, you’ll be required to attach the fire to bracket. You’ll then need to connect the electrical cable from your fire to a plug socket on the wall. If you’re worried about the appearance of the power cord, you could hide it behind skirting boards by using paintable wire covers.

After connecting the power cable, you are able to test your fire to confirm that it functions. Some models will allow you to do this prior to starting the full installation. Plug in your fire and try out the heat and lighting after you’re sure that everything is functioning properly you can proceed to the next stage.

Follow the steps in your manual to mount your fire. You will usually need to install the wall bracket before you can attach the screen. If you’re concerned about fitting the screen the wall bracket correctly, it is always beneficial to get assistance from a friend or neighbor for the final stages of the process.

Some electric fires may also require an over-the-top mantelpiece of your fireplace. If this is the scenario, it’s important to think about how much space you will have in your living room to ensure that your fireplace does not look too large or too crowded.

Adjustable Heat

Although some models of wall mounted electric fireplaces don’t produce warmth, the majority of models will include a heater built into the unit. This can take the form of an air-driven space heater which blows air over an element of heating, or an infrared heat source that generates warmth without a fan.

These functions can be controlled via the built-in panel of certain models, or by a remote included with your purchase. You can pick from a range of colors for flames and bed media to match your mood and preferences.

Modern electric fireplaces come with a wide frame which can be installed in a flush position to the wall or recessing into the wall. This gives an elegant appearance. The frame is typically made out of wood or metal, and the finish can vary from shiny black to contemporary stainless steel to elegant mirrored glass. You can choose the frame finish that is most appropriate to your decor and match it with a complementary or contrast back wall color to create an elegant appearance.

If you are planning to make use of your electric fireplace price uk for decoration, you can alter the flame color and size to your liking. Many models also have a programmable timer so you can set the fireplace to turn off after a pre-determined amount of time. The programmable timer can help you conserve energy or offers keep the room warm if you forget to turn off the fireplace prior to leaving for work in the morning.

The temperature setting on the majority of models can be adjusted from low to high in order to meet your personal preferences. Some will also offer an additional heat setting that is just right for relaxing on the couch watching television. If you don’t plan on using the fireplace to heat up, it can be turned off completely, so that all you’re left with is the visual flame effects.

If you’re thinking of buying a wall mounted electric fireplace, you need to research the various brands and read reviews from customers. You don’t want a fireplace that is generic, looks cheap, and isn’t performing well. To get the most return on your investment, go with top brands such as Dimplex, Northwest Touchstone, and Amantii.

Flame Colors

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be a focal point for your living room, den or office. It also offers additional warmth. There are a variety of colors for the flames and ember bed, giving you the chance to match your space’s decor or change the look. You can also adjust the brightness of the flames to create the mood you desire. These models are usually simple to operate and can be controlled by using the remote that comes with them.

Contrary to gas or wood fireplaces, this style of fireplace is not contaminated by harmful smoke, so it won’t fill your home with an unpleasant smell or stain your walls or furniture. They also produce fewer flames than other types of fireplaces, so they don’t cause an unsightly ash splatter and are safe to use with pets and children.

This sleek, compact design is perfect for homes with a contemporary or modern style. It can be mounted on the wall or recessing into a 2x 4 stud wall for an individualized, built-in appearance. The simple, chic design of this model can blend into almost any aesthetic and will allow you to create a an inviting atmosphere all year long.

Choose from six captivating flame colors and five brightness settings to create the perfect mood. This fireplace in my area comes with a decorative driftwood set as well as a selection of crystals for ember bed. Install this fireplace quickly by following the directions and using the mounting hardware that comes with. It can be hardwired up to 120V or simply plugged in to operate it in a convenient manner.

With its sleek black frame and stylish curving glass front the wall-mounted electric fireplace is sure to be a striking accent in your living space. It is designed to complement a variety of interior styles and designs, so you can put it on the wall or tuck it into the wall to create an elegant appearance. The flames and ember bed operate by heating or not, according to your preference and the time of year.

This stylish wall-mounted electric fireplace is a stylish and cost-effective alternative to a fireplace. It can be placed in the wall, or hung on a wall to create a unique and finished look. The LED display’s color changing LED can be adjusted to your preferred hue and you can change the ember bed’s color to crystals or driftwood for an eye-catching aesthetic.

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