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Regina Wiegand asked 4 weeks ago

You will need to buy an Angkor pass or Angkor wat ticket to enter the angkor wat tickets archeological park, even if you do not plan to visit any temples (for example just riding your mountain bike).
You will get access to more than 200 temples around Siem Reap although most people will only visit the most famous temples of Angkor: Angkro Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon.

How much is the entrance to Angkor Wat?

Prices for the 3 types of tickets are as below.

USD 37 for a 1-day pass
USD 62 for the 3-day pass
USD 72 for the 10-day pass

unlimited angkor pass for long-time residents with valid visas

USD 400 for 12 months
USD 300 for 6 months
USD 200 for 2 months

You will find the location of the Angkor Ticket Office by typing Angkor Wat Ticket Office on Google Map.

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