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Why You Should Have a Spare Key Car

A spare car key will allow you to avoid risky and costly situations such as being locked out of your car. Some people put their keys in the soil bedding or within potted plants. Others keep them with a trusted friend (known as”key buddy”) “key buddy”) that they can call to see should they ever need to lock themselves out.


It’s easy for you to lose your car keys if you’re not careful. In certain instances it can be costly because the majority of cars have rolling code technology that stops you from copying the key or hacking into it. This means that you aren’t able to change your key by purchasing an alternative one, since it must be programmed to work with your vehicle. In case of emergency having a spare key on hand will allow you to avoid the fees.

Having a spare car key can also help reduce the wear and wear and tear on your primary keys. This is due to the fact that you can rotate between the two keys, making sure that neither is used excessively. Keep the spare key in a location that isn’t obvious. It is best to hide the spare key in a location that isn’t easily visible such as a soil bedding or a secret compartment in a potted plant.

You might also consider giving your spare key to a trusted individual (dubbed your “key friend”) and they can help you retrieve it if you are locked out. This is a smart option as you don’t need to contact locksmiths or dealers.


Losing a car lost key to car no spare can be a very frustrating experience. It can be very frustrating if you’re in a hurry to get to a location. A key that is easily accessible will make it much easier to travel quickly. It can also save money in the long run, if you are unable to find your key and need to contact a locksmith to replace it.

A spare car key can also lessen wear and tear on your original key. You can rotate the keys to ensure that they are not exposed to the elements or being used for a long time. Some drivers even have valet keys that they can use when they hand their vehicle over to valet services.

To reduce the possibility of having your spare key being stolen, you should try to hide it in a place that is not accessible from the outside of your house or driveway. There are many ways to do this, Spare Key Car including using a license plate hideaway device or attaching it to one of the wheels on your car. You can also give the spare key away to someone you trust and trust, like a family member, or friend. This way, they’ll be in a position to give it to you in case you need to lock yourself out of your vehicle.


Car owners need to keep a spare key in case they accidentally lose their keys and are locked out of the vehicle. This could save them money and time over the long term. If you don’t have an extra key, you’ll have to either get into your car (which could result in damage) or contact locksmith. These options can be expensive and time-consuming.

There are numerous methods to hide your primary or spare car keys without placing your security in danger. You can place keys in soil bedding or potted plants, or even in hidden compartments in your trunk. You can also put them in signal-blocking pouches to stop thieves from intercepting the signals that are sent by your car key.

You can also keep your spare key with someone close to you who is willing to help you in the event of an emergency. This person is known as a “key buddy” and is a valuable source in the event of a car lockout.

The person you choose should be someone you trust and who is available to assist you in the event of a lockout. It could be a friend, colleague or even a close family member. If you’re uncomfortable sharing your spare key with strangers think about having a locksmith program a second key for you and keep it as a spare key car.


A spare car key will reduce the wear and tear on your original keys. You can also avoid expensive repair and replacement costs if your keys break or are damaged. Excessive use sun, exposure to light and water can all cause damage to keys to cars. A spare car key permits you to use the two keys at the same time, which means they won’t be exposed to the elements as much as your one original key.

A spare car key will also assist you in reducing the cost of an auto lockout. You’ll need a truck or a locksmith to get into your vehicle when you don’t have a spare. It’s not cheap, and it could take a long time. A spare car key could save you money and stress in the long term.

It’ll cost you around $10 to make a conventional spare key at an auto locksmith. However, if the car utilizes a key fob the process is more complicated and can cost up to $200.

To create a replacement key for your modern car, the dealership will need to order a new key and electronically connect it to your vehicle’s computer chip. This can be expensive, particularly in the event that your key is stolen or lost car key no spare. Having a spare key can save you from having your vehicle towed by the dealer and waiting for a few days for the dealer to issue an appropriate replacement key.

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