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Zachary Child asked 2 years ago

#8 states: (Regression) What percent of work satisfaction is explained by interest and wage? (Write your answer as a decimal with one place after zero. For example, if you get 0.1243 then write 12.4).
What is this after? The R^2 value that I made at the top of the regression includes the Employee ID, and so that is not the right answer. Adjusted R^2 accounts for more variables, but still includes it. Does it want us to make a regression without employee ID? 

Rulfids replied 2 days ago

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Shayna Oh answered 2 years ago

The instructions include this statement: \”Create a correlation table of all three variables (exlude EmpID).\” Even though it\’s for the first part, it\’s safe to assume that you should only run the regression for the three variables, excluding EmpID.

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