7 Simple Tips To Totally Enjoying Your Magnetic Planar Speakers

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Magnetic Planar Speakers – Holographic 3D Imaging and Stunning Clarity

Utilizing a diaphragm that is thinly tensioned suspended between two arrays of magnets, they vibrate to produce sound waves. Planar magnetic speakers are famous for their stunning clarity and 3D holographic images.

They are also suitable for a wide range of audio applications due to their low distortion, large horizontal and vertical dispersion and cost-effective prices.

Superior Sound Quality

Planar magnetic speakers are famous for reproducing detailed, clear sound with minimal distortion. This is because they utilize a flat diaphragm with an electrically conductive trace that reacts to magnetic fields generated by magnets on either or both sides of the speaker. The diaphragm moves and causes sound waves to be transmitted through a dipole- or monopole-radiation pattern. This allows the diaphragm vibrate more evenly and produce superior sound quality compared to a typical dome or cone driver.

Planar magnetic drivers also have the benefit of a large and uniform sound dispersion. This allows the sound to be heard from any position within the room. Additionally dipole or planar ribbon speakers provide a natural and spacious soundstage that has very little resonance. This creates a unique listening experience that is hard to duplicate with other speakers.

Because they have such a large surface area, planar magnetic speakers are also more durable than traditional cone drivers, and can be operated at higher volumes without causing excessive vibration or distortion. They also sound better than other types of speakers, making them a great choice for home theatre and HiFi applications.

Planar speakers are more expensive due to their complex design. However, they offer superior audio quality and are worth the investment. Planar speakers also have lower impedance when compared to other types of loudspeakers. This makes them more convenient to drive amplifiers.

These advantages make planar magnet speakers ideal for both professional and home applications, they are less popular in IEMs because they require more sophisticated engineering to integrate into small form factors such as headphones and earbuds. Recently however there has been a rise in the number of IEMs that feature planar magnetic technology. The Rinko by Seeaudio and the S12 and Z12 from LETSHOUER are two examples IEMs that have been proven to offer a superior listening experience.

Lower Distortion

For many audiophiles, the most sought-after characteristic of a speaker headphone is low distortion. Voice coil inductance is the main source of distortion in speakers. When an alternation voltage is passed through the voice coil of a moving coil driver the voice coil’s inductance produces magnetic field which causes the diaphragm to move. The movement or excursion is what causes the sound wave, but it also causes unwanted resonances and harmonics which degrade the audio quality.

Magnetic planar speakers have a much lower distortion rate than traditional dynamic drivers. This is because the “voice coil” has more surface area, instead of being squeezed into an extremely small space within a massive piece of metal. This means that an appropriately designed planar magnetic speaker can withstand a greater amount of power than a traditional dynamic driver without any sound.

Another method by which planar magnetic speakers minimize distortion is to provide an almost perfect resistive load to the amplifier inside the system. This is due to the fact that the voice wire is a very long thin wire that functions as a simple resistor. This makes it easy for the amplifier to drive, and it always sounds best when driving the planar magnetic speaker.

The high efficiency of these speakers is that they produce little heat, even when playing a lot of music. This is important because a large amount of heat can harm the voice coil, decreasing its lifespan and increasing distortion.

However, this isn’t to claim that all single-ended planar magnetic speakers are free from distortion. Due to their close magnet spacing, the magnetic forces can interact and attract each other to a large degree, imposing changes on the diaphragm’s elasticity over time. This is a problem that is made more difficult due to the close proximity of adjacent rows of magnets.

Better Heat Dissipation

Many specialization HiFi audio headphone manufacturers have begun to create incredible masterpieces in recent years that use planar magnetic technology. Planar magnetic drivers provide impressive advantages over the common coiled dynamics used in most headphones and speakers.

One big advantage is that the “voice coil” is spread out over more of a larger area than in a typical cone speaker that allows it to disperse heat efficiently without becoming too hot. This lets the voice coil perform more smoothly and with less distortion. It also makes it possible to use a lighter diaphragm that can be driven at very high excursion levels.

This allows the planar magnetic speaker to have a remarkably rapid transient response, meaning that sharp peaks and very small details can be reproduced extremely accurately even at very high SPLs. The sound that is produced is very clean and free of distortion, and is identical to the original source material.

The impedance curve of the planar magnetic speaker is extremely flat and ranges from 4.2 Ohms for the bass to 3.3 in the treble. This makes it a relatively easy load for amplifiers to drive, and comparable to resistive loads that electronics manufacturers employ for tests designed to show how good their products are.

A ribbon/planar diaphragm that is extremely light and compact can move quickly and with little strain. This results in a clean and clear sound with a wide frequency range and excellent linearity.

The ribbon/planar design is also very quiet, which decreases distortion even further. Additionally, it is extremely robust across a wide range of temperatures, which enables the speaker to provide consistent sound quality for long periods of time and over an extensive listening area.

Although there are many benefits for using a ribbon/planar speaker, it is important to remember that this kind of speaker is not appropriate for all applications or listeners. For example, a ribbon/planar speaker with a large radiating panel will require a very large room to produce full-range sound of adequate SPL. The majority of these speakers are sold as tweeters, or as upper mid/high range components in two-way speaker systems.

Higher Power Handling

Magnetic planar drivers provide clarity and detail that are unmatched by cone drivers. They are able to show subtle details in your music and reproduce complex sounds with accuracy. They also have a wide frequency response, which means they can produce a greater range of frequencies with greater precision.

Planar speakers create a highly directed sound field, which can be a drawback if you’re listening to them in a room with other people. It’s also a reason for their remarkable high-quality image and dynamic range. The sound is like a laser beam shooting directly out of the speakers. It is also heard when you are off-axis.

The flat diaphragm, when combined with the acoustic waves front, gives them a greater sense of depth and space than cone speakers. They tend to have low noise levels which makes them less distracting when in noisy environments. Planar magnetic drivers are favored by a large number of audiophiles because of their natural sound quality.

However, there are some limitations to the technology. Planar drivers are more difficult to manufacture than conventional cone drivers, and they can be heavy, which can make them difficult to mount in certain conditions. They also require more power to drive, which can limit the maximum output they can attain.

Wisdom Audio is the leader in the development and application of PMD technology. Its products continue to push forward the limits of this revolutionary technology. The patented material it uses can withstand temperatures much higher than PET, which is used to create the majority of planar drivers. Its unique design reduces the effects of diffraction, Planar magnetic speakers which occurs when sound waves pass through narrow gaps or curves.

This is why its speakers and headphones are known to deliver an extremely clear and precise sound that’s free of distortion. They are also more responsive than cone drivers, which can enhance their bass response. They can also reproduce high frequencies with incredible accuracy, and are capable of delivering deep, powerful bass.

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