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Private ADHD Diagnosis – Why You Should Choose a Private ADHD Clinic

ADHD remains significantly under-diagnosed and is not treated, which comes at a significant cost to both society and individuals. This is partially because of the attitude of gatekeepers who control the referral pathways.

You can obtain a private diagnostic by utilizing the NHS “Right to Choose” scheme. This lets you be recommended by the NHS to a certified service that has contracts. This can speed things up.

Waiting at various times

The NHS is swamped with demand for ADHD tests and treatment which has led to long wait times. A charity warned that some people wait seven years for their first assessment. adhd assessment adults uk Action, a charity has warned that people with undiagnosed ADHD are in a perilous situation. The charity ADHD Action stated that this is despite the awareness of adhd assessment in adults has risen due to the presence of celebrities such as Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha who have been open about their struggles.

One of the reasons behind the long wait times is that there aren’t enough NHS ADHD specialists to meet demand. This is made more difficult by the fact that the NHS doesn’t collect regularly collected data, making it difficult to establish the number of people waiting to be assessed. Private healthcare patients can choose another route. They can ask their GP to refer them outside of the area or pay privately for an ADHD evaluation.

A private appointment lasts 45-90 minutes with a psychiatrist. He will ask you questions about your symptoms and medical history. They will then recommend a course of medication or treatment based on their findings. Private assessments are an option for those who want an accurate, quick diagnosis. But, it is important to note that certain providers require the submission of a GP referral letter, whereas others do not. This can affect your options when it comes to a shared care agreement with your GP that means you only pay the NHS prescription fee for your prescriptions.

It can be a stressful experience to be given an ADHD diagnosis, particularly when your symptoms are causing you stress. It could also be a relief. A clear diagnosis can improve your life by assisting you make better choices. Here are some guidelines to choose the right physician for you if you’re thinking of a privately diagnosed patient.

Check the credentials and experience of a psychiatrist prior choosing one. In addition to a medical degree, the psychiatrist must have completed specialized training in the area of mental health. It is also important to determine whether the psychiatrist is licensed to prescribe medication. You should also make sure that the psychiatrist has an interest in treating ADHD. In addition the psychiatrist should also be able to identify and treat any co-morbidities connected to ADHD.


Psychiatrists have medical degrees and are specialists in diagnosing and treating mental health problems. They can help with emotional and physical issues like ADHD. Many psychiatrists are experts in several areas, such as psychotherapy, social services, and pharmacology. Some have also completed training in transcultural psychiatry. They have a wealth of experience in both adult and child psychiatry.

It is recommended that you first speak to your GP to discuss your concerns. They will consider your concerns seriously and refer you for an assessment. You should be ready to discuss your symptoms as well as your family history, as they can have an impact on the diagnosis. GPs may ask you to fill in an ADHD screening questionnaire prior to referring you for an assessment. It can take up to an hour, and is typically done face-to-face. However you can fill out the questionnaire by phone or online video.

Only a psychiatrist, or a specialist nurse, can conduct an assessment for ADHD. This is because only these experts can prescribe medication for the condition. If you’d rather not take medication, you can still consult a psychologist. The evaluation lasts for 90 minutes, however the Psychiatrist you see may take longer as they will explore your symptoms and previous.

A recent report from the BBC’s Panorama program highlighted the long waiting times for ADHD assessments on the NHS. The programme also questioned the quality of certain private ADHD assessment services. The report said that some psychiatrists diagnose adults with ADHD and prescribe drugs without properly assessing symptoms. In some instances patients don’t take the medication as prescribed. This can lead to serious adverse effects, including insomnia and high blood pressure.

Currently the NHS allows patients to select which provider they go to for an ADHD assessment. Here you can find the list of GPs who provide this service. The list is not complete and does not include every provider who has a contract with NHS England. Right to Choose allows you access to private treatment however, the consultation fee will not be covered by NHS England.

CBT therapy

There are many different treatment options available to adults with ADHD. There are a variety of treatment options for adults with ADHD. The most popular is stimulant medication. However there are other non-medicament treatments which can be helpful. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for instance, can help improve ADHD symptoms by transforming negative thoughts or behavior. This type of therapy usually requires a mix of group and individual sessions, and requires a strong working relationship with your therapist. It is also essential to determine if you suffer from any co-existing mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression as they can affect your ability to manage your symptoms.

It is essential to discuss with your GP regarding your concerns. They should take your concerns seriously and refer you to an ADHD evaluation. You might be asked to take an assessment, such as the DIVA test. You will be able to meet with a psychiatrist to discuss your concerns and determine the best treatment options.

If you’re unable to wait for a referral from the NHS or a private ADHD assessment may be able to help. A private assessment involves an interview lasting 45-90 minutes with an adult ADHD specialist psychiatrist. It will cost between PS500 and 800. Some providers require an GP referral, while other do not.

A diagnosis of ADHD can improve your life by helping you to manage your symptoms and decrease stress levels. It can also lower the likelihood that you will make impulsive decisions that could result in problems for your career and personal relationships. Participating in a support network is also beneficial to many adults suffering from ADHD. This can be a supportive and empowering space for people with ADHD, and you can find out about these groups by searching on the internet or in person.

It is crucial to remember that only a Psychiatrist or qualified specialist nurse can prescribe medication for ADHD. Psychologists and other mental health professionals are able to conduct an ADHD assessment, but they cannot provide a formally recognised diagnosis of the disorder. A specialist nurse, Psychiatrist, or other mental health professional can recommend the best treatment for ADHD. This may include medication, lifestyle changes or psychological intervention.


With the increasing awareness of ADHD more people are seeking treatment for their symptoms. The NHS struggles to meet the demand. This is particularly relevant for adult ADHD assessment which can last up to several weeks. There are fortunately, private clinics that offer quick and easy assessments for adults suffering from ADHD. These clinics can provide an extensive ADHD assessment, including an official diagnosis. If necessary, they will prescribe medication.

The BBC’s Panorama programme recently exposed a number of private health clinics giving incorrect ADHD diagnoses in the UK. These clinics take advantage of the growing demand for ADHD diagnosis and treatment. This does not mean that those suffering from ADHD should stop seeking medical attention. It is crucial to remember that the condition is severe and affects a variety of areas of life. If left untreated, ADHD can cut the lifespan by 12.7 years(2).

It can be difficult to get an accurate diagnosis for ADHD especially when you have a GP who is unwilling or has preconceived notions about the disorder. Despite the growing awareness about the disorder, these biases remain and could prevent people from receiving the correct diagnosis. Moreover, it is important to recognize that just because you’re paying for healthcare doesn’t mean that you can’t bend the rules. Your healthcare professional must follow NICE guidelines when diagnosing ADHD.

If your GP is reluctant to refer you to an ADHD assessment, you can consult an individual psychiatrist who will assess your symptoms and prescribe medication if appropriate. The psychiatrist will also conduct a clinical interview with you to determine whether your ADHD symptoms are impacting your life. The psychiatrist will ask you questions regarding your past and family mental health issues to assess the severity of your ADHD symptoms.

A complete ADHD report will be included in the assessment and will be directly sent to your GP. It could also be used as proof to justify claims for reasonable adjustments at work or Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for students.

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