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How to Pay For a Private ADHD Assessment

ADHD is a common condition that can be difficult to manage. Finding a reliable diagnosis can make a significant difference in your life. It is important to remember that ADHD does not mean you cannot lead a successful life.

You can get a formal diagnosis from a psychiatrist or other “appropriately-qualified healthcare professional” (Nice Guidelines). This includes Psychologists.


You can pay for an individual ADHD assessment in a variety of ways. Psychiatry UK offers a direct debit monthly option. Payments is also possible through private medical insurances (including Bupa or Aviva). You can also finance your own assessment or prescription. NHS funding is available for adult ADHD assessments through the Right to Choose scheme, which allows patients to select any clinically appropriate provider, in the event that the Integrated Care Board or NHS England has a contract with them.

You will be evaluated by psychiatrists or an ADHD nurse specialist who is trained to evaluate ADHD. They are the only healthcare professionals who can diagnose ADHD in the UK in accordance with the Nice guidelines.

During the test during the test, you will be asked questions about your childhood and recent life to determine if you meet the criteria for ADHD. You will be asked to explain your symptoms and how they impact on you. The evaluation takes between 45 and 90 minutes.

If the specialist psychiatrist or nursing staff determines that you suffer from ADHD they will let you know and discuss your treatment options. But, it is important to remember that you don’t have to accept this diagnosis. You can consult with a different doctor to examine your symptoms if you are not satisfied with the results.

After your assessment is complete the doctor will create a report and deliver it to you or your GP. The report will include the description and impact of your symptoms, and an overall treatment plan. This information can be used by your GP to determine the type of treatment you will receive.

Some GPs are willing sign a shared care agreement to ensure that you get your medication through the NHS. You can save money on your prescriptions by only paying the NHS prescription cost. However, some GPs do not agree to this, and it is essential to confirm this prior to booking an appointment.

The NHS will only prescribe ADHD medication to adults who have been given a formal diagnosis. This means that if you’re diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, you will need to pay for your personal assessment and any medication yourself.

Waiting time

In the UK, there is a ‘waiting time crisis’ for adhd private assessment near me assessments, according to a report by the charity ADHD Action. According to the charity, a lot of adults wait longer than seven years before they are able to be evaluated. The waiting time can cause anxiety and stress for those suffering from ADHD. It is estimated that 1.5 million people in the UK are affected by the condition.

Private companies may offer ADHD assessment that is not recognized by the NHS. This means that you won’t not be able to access any associated medication through the NHS. If you’re considering an assessment privately for ADHD make sure that the psychiatrist is registered with the General Medical Council. Also, remember that the private diagnosis will not allow you to access any workplace protections that you could have with a NHS-recognized diagnosis.

While some private companies may have shorter wait times than the NHS, they are not free of issues. The BBC’s investigation revealed that some private providers use unreliable diagnostic methods and giving incorrect diagnoses. This could have serious implications for patients. Doctors are concerned about the current arrangements for ADHD assessment and would like to see more ringfenced funds to improve the service.

Despite the fact that many GPs are overwhelmed by ADHD referrals, you should remember that only a specialist is qualified to diagnose ADHD. Many people are choosing to have their ADHD assessed privately. They will avoid the long waiting times for an assessment, and receive an accurate assessment and treatment plan.

A private ADHD assessment will usually involve several appointments with a psychiatrist and a specialist in clinical nursing. This includes an interview, observations, and questionnaires. It is important to answer these questions honestly and accurately because this will help the Psychiatrist determine whether you have ADHD or not. The Psychiatrist will then write a report which you can give to your GP.

If your Psychiatrist suggests that you be prescribed medication, you will need to sign a shared care agreement with your GP. This will mean that you’ll be responsible for the NHS prescription fee, but your GP will be accountable for renewing the prescription and deciding on future treatments. This is not always the case as some GPs might be unwilling to share their services with private patients.


If you’re an adult with ADHD, getting a diagnosis can be significant in understanding your struggles and implementing strategies to overcome them. It is crucial to know what you’re facing and why you struggle to succeed in your work, relationships or in your family life. Many struggle to be diagnosed and it can be difficult to find a doctor who will accept them.

Private services can assist you in reducing the amount of time you wait to get an appointment with a qualified ADHD expert. These assessments usually last 45 to 90 minutes and include an interview and discussion of your symptoms. You may also be asked provide examples from your previous experience to help with the assessment process. During the appointment, your clinician will assess whether you are able to meet the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis.

In addition to assessing the symptoms of ADHD Private healthcare professionals will also examine your mental health history and any other health issues you might have. This will help them determine if you suffer from other conditions that may interfere with your ADHD. It is important to discuss these issues prior to your appointment as they will impact your treatment.

Untreated ADHD can create problems in the workplace, in relationships, and with general well-being. This is due to the fact that untreated ADHD can cause uncontrollable and inattentive behavior. Moreover it can result in depression, anxiety, and viswapranavam.org other psychological difficulties. Therefore, it is important to seek a diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Presently, adults who want to be diagnosed with ADHD are facing long wait times at the NHS. This is due to a logjammed system that has NHS services overwhelmed by referrals. It can take up to one year to see an ADHD clinic. This can be a frustrating experience particularly for adults who have been struggling for a long time, not knowing the cause of their issues.

Some adults opt to undergo an individual ADHD assessment. Private ADHD assessments can be expensive however they can provide you with the answers you require and the peace of mind that you’re being treated by a professional who is trained. Certain private ADHD assessment companies also offer shared care arrangements with GPs. This could mean that your medication is paid for by the NHS.


Private companies are being accused of overdiagnosing ADHD in adults, using low-quality assessments and unqualified staff. BBC Panorama recently highlighted this issue. Doctors should refer patients who suspect they have ADHD to the NHS Adult ADHD service. They must be aware that patients may be misdiagnosed and given medications they do not need.

Only psychiatrists and ADHD nurses who have been trained in a specific area can evaluate ADHD formally. Other mental health professionals, like counsellors, are not able to give a diagnosis. However they can help you recognize the signs and provide support. If you choose to have a private ADHD assessment, check that the doctor or nurse is registered with the General Medical Council and on the specialist register. They must be able to prescribe medication, which is only available with the diagnosis of psychiatric illness.

A comprehensive ADHD assessment will require several appointments, observations and tests. If your GP suggests an ADHD assessment, choose one with a good reputation. A good provider will take the time to meet with you and the circumstances of your life. You can find an approved list of providers on the NHS website.

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