5 American Fridgefreezer Lessons From The Pros

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American Fridge Freezer

A built-in refrigerator freezer in America is a favorite choice for narrow American fridge freezer families and comes with sophisticated features. These sleek units are offered as freestanding units, or they can be integrated into bank kitchen cabinet to create an attractive appearance.

On average, they have 390 cubic litres of storage space, enough for around 20 shopping bags of food. You can find models with water and ice dispensers which don’t require plumbing.


American fridge freezers tend to be bigger and deeper than UK models, so they require more space in your kitchen. If you are replacing an old American refrigerator freezer or adding one to a new open-plan kitchen, be sure to measure the space to ensure it will fit without awkward gaps or corners.

The larger size of an American fridge americanfridge freezer also means it has a larger capacity than the standard UK model. This is a great option if you have a large family, or often host guests at your home.

This impressive LG American-style side-byside fridge freezer is a great source of storage space for all your fresh food. It has 4 shelves, 2 door bins and a nifty salad crisper. It also has a plumbed-in water and ice dispenser to provide the convenience of having an on-demand drink.


American refrigerators can hold lots of food and some models come with water and ice dispensers that are connected to. They may also have smart screens that let you to plan the shopping list and even consult recipes.

A standard side by side model can hold a storage space of 600 litres. This is enough for the majority of families. You can have more storage space by choosing the French door model that has two full-length doors and a door that opens at eye level.

There are models that are smaller and designed to fit into a cabinet. These models also help you save on energy costs. You can opt for a built in fridge/freezer which is completely integrated into a cabinet. This allows you to conceal it when not in use. They are ideal for narrow American fridge freezer kitchens with small american style fridge freezer spaces, or if you do not want a fridge/freezer to take over the room.


As opposed to traditional top-freezers, which can be a bit of a disjointed mess with their ‘Joker’ freezer compartments (or so we’ve heard), American fridge freezers offer more well-organized and accessible storage. The typical size of narrow american fridge Freezer fridge freezers is 90cm. Slimline models are also available. They’re typically deeper, as well, with a width of about 70cm.

If you’re considering a fridge freezer with American design, measure your kitchen before buying to ensure that it’s capable of accommodating this larger size. Also, remember that these are freestanding appliances that stand out rather than being a part of a set of floor-to ceiling white goods, which means they’ll require plenty of space.

There are two main layouts you can pick from, both of which are accessible via full-length doors. The French door design is made up of a double door refrigerator section and freezer drawers below. It is possible to open only one drawer at a time. This helps reduce cold air losses and saves energy.

The following are some examples of

American fridge freezers have plenty of space for storage of beverages and food items, but also a range of features that keep everything fresher longer. There are models that come with filtered water and ice dispensers but be aware they can use more energy. You can get access to a range of apps, such as recipes and shopping lists by looking for an intelligent display on the front fascia.

There are models that will remind you to cancel your milk delivery when you’re not home, and others with the holiday mode which will not alter the settings but decrease power consumption. Also, look for models with twin cooling systems. This will prevent the cold, dry air from the freezer from affecting the fresh food items in your fridge and save you money on energy bills.

You should look for a low energy rating on your new american fridge freezer. This will show how green it is for the environment as well as how much it will cost to operate. Also, ensure that it will fit through any doors, hallways or corners that you may have to manoeuvre it through.

Water and ice dispensers

Many American refrigerator freezers include the cool-water dispenser. This is an excellent way to help everyone to stay hydrated. This feature may need plumbing, which can restrict where you place the appliance, and it is likely to have a water filter that must be replaced every six months.

Crushed and cubed ice may also be taken out of certain models of American refrigerator freezer. This will usually be automatically replenished, which means you won’t have to worry about running out of cold stuff.

Some brands offer SodaStreams that let you enjoy carbonated water at your own pace. Find out more about this in the manual of your appliance.


If you don’t have a plowed in water supply or don’t desire the extra cost to have one installed, an American fridge freezer that comes with an ice dispenser is an excellent option. These models can provide cold aqua cubes, crushed or cubed ice. Some even offer daily 144 ice cubes.

They are spacious with four shelves within the fridge’s cavity and two drawers for fruits and vegetables, and a couple of mini shelves in the door for frequently used items. They also have a range of clever technology with full air circulation that prevents frost as well as an easy to navigate flat-buttoned control panel.

LG has a broad selection of American style fridge freezers featuring water dispensers and ice features You’re sure to find one that suits your household. Many of these models are energy STAR(r) certified and are also ENERGY STAR(r) certified. This means that they offer outstanding performance without sacrificing quality or functionality.

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