3 Reasons Commonly Cited For Why Your Private ADHD Assessment UK Isn't Working (And Solutions To Resolve It)

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The Long Waiting Times For Private ADHD Assessment and Treatment

A private adhd assessment in the UK is a great method to determine whether you have an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The test is confidential quick, easy, and absolutely free. It is not a definitive test.

You can also use the NHS Right to Choose service to obtain a diagnosis from an independent healthcare provider.

Waiting at various times

The long waiting times for ADHD assessment and treatment are a cause of concern for a lot of people. This can be particularly difficult for families who have children suffering from the disorder or for adults who suffer from ADHD themselves. If not treated, ADHD can have serious and lifelong consequences, affecting the social, emotional and physical well-being of those affected. The consequences of this disorder are so severe that it can even impact relationships between family members. There are a variety of different ways that individuals can get an ADHD diagnosis, but the waiting times for a private assessment for adhd can be very long. This is especially true if you live in the United Kingdom, where the NHS is struggling to cope with the demands.

The situation of NHS services has led to the implementation of a new system called “Right to Choice,” which permits patients to choose a private NHS-funded provider for their healthcare. This right only applies to those registered with an GP who is contracted to the NHS for that particular service. You must inquire with your GP about the available options for ADHD assessments in your area, and then you can exercise your right to select.

Despite the increasing awareness of ADHD in recent years, there are huge problems with getting an accurate diagnosis and access to effective treatment. A recent study by the charity ADHD UK discovered that the average wait time for an ADHD assessment was 58 weeks across 24 areas of the country. In some instances, waiting times can be longer. For instance, the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board in South Wales had waiting times of up to 182 weeks (three and a half years).

The long waits for an ADHD assessment can have a devastating effect on individuals. Some have lost their jobs, some were forced to resign and many more witnessed their children drop out of school without support, causing great stress. The fact that the NHS isn’t equipped with the resources to meet the growing demand has led to a rise in the use of private firms that offer ADHD assessment and treatment. These companies can offer a more precise and private assessment for adhd timely diagnosis than the NHS, and they are usually cheaper.


If you’re considering an ADHD diagnosis the first step is to discuss it with your GP. They must be attentive to your concerns and request you to fill out the screening tool. If the results suggest you might have ADHD then you must be taken to a specialist who can conduct an assessment. This process can take anywhere from three months to three years. If you’re worried about waiting that long, you may think about private treatment options. Private treatment is usually more efficient and professional however, it can be expensive.

Private clinics may charge up to PS 1,200 for an adult ADHD assessment. This includes a full consult with a psychiatrist and an extensive adhd assessment private uk report. The report can be used to help support applications for student funding or other benefits such as the Disability Students Allowance. These assessments are usually shorter than NHS appointments, and they include an extensive interview.

Private clinics can provide ADHD assessments via the internet. The BBC examined one such service, ADHD Direct, which charged an undercover reporter PS1,095. The online assessment took one hour and private assessment for adhd forty minutes, and Carson was diagnosed with ADHD. Carson approached the clinic afterward to inform them that he was a reporter undercover, but they denied his diagnosis. The BBC’s investigation found that a lot of adults are given powerful medications to treat ADHD without being properly evaluated.

NICE guidelines stipulate that an ADHD assessment must be done by a psychiatrist or “another appropriately qualified health professional.” Nurse practitioners are not trained in ADHD assessment and are unable to prescribe medication without supervision from a physician. There are many nurse practitioners employed in NHS clinics throughout the UK. Some are ADHD specialists. These nurses are typically less well-trained than psychiatrists, and they can provide inaccurate diagnoses. Additionally, they may have conflicts of interest with doctors who work within the same NHS trust. The situation is made worse by NHS budget cuts which are putting local services into a state of crisis. This has led to a logjam on ADHD assessment waiting lists.


Many people have a difficult time getting an ADHD diagnosis. This disorder can be disruptive to the life of a person and family. It can also create problems at school or at work. There are a variety of methods to swiftly and accurately diagnose ADHD. Private psychiatrists can provide a thorough examination and some insurance companies will pay for the costs of the diagnosis. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations and costs of private treatment.

There is a growing awareness of the condition, and more people are seeking treatment for it. The NHS is unable to meet the demand for ADHD treatment and assessments. This is leading to an insufficient supply of qualified healthcare professionals. Some clinics profit from this by offering quick and easy diagnoses. The BBC’s Panorama program has recently exposed these practices.

The reporter for the BBC’s undercover unit was directed to three private clinics for an ADHD assessment. He answered all questions honestly however, he did not disclose to the doctors that he was a journalist working undercover. All three clinics diagnosed him with ADHD. Some of the clinics gave him a prescription for medication without performing an additional test or getting any supporting evidence from his doctor.

This is alarming, and the BBC has called on the NHS to act. The NHS must not only increase the number of healthcare professionals, but also ensure that its procedures are robust to avoid bias and ensure that patients are assessed properly. It is crucial to consider the impact of the stigma associated with ADHD on those seeking treatment.

If you are located in England and your GP will recommend you to an ADHD assessment, you have the option to select which service you wish to work with. This is known as your right to choose and it can help you save a lot of waiting time. You can also access private ADHD assessment online, which is usually faster than NHS waiting times. This is especially helpful if you are concerned about being trapped in a dysfunctional system.


You can get an ADHD diagnosis and medication much faster if you have private health insurance. The disadvantage is that you’ll need to pay for the treatment yourself. You can avoid this problem by asking your GP for a shared-care contract. This permits you to get prescriptions from the NHS instead of paying privately. Some doctors won’t allow this and you’ll be left with a private diagnosis however, you will be faced with high monthly medication bills.

Despite the claims of some private clinics that they conduct thorough tests, it appears that a majority of them are not following the guidelines of the national government. Panorama is an investigative program on the BBC investigative show, discovered that private clinics had incorrectly diagnosed a reporter undercover with ADHD despite the fact that he was not diagnosed. This is a serious problem, and it should be highlighted by the public and the media.

The BBC investigation found that the majority of private firms do not cover ADHD tests, though you can find some that do. Bupa Axa PPP Aviva and Vitality Health are some of the companies that offer ADHD tests. These insurance companies have a range of terms and conditions. You must carefully read them to ensure your health condition will be covered.

A private ADHD assessment consists of a medical interview conducted by a psychiatrist. It can be conducted in person or over video calls. It will usually take two or more sessions to be able to determine if you have a diagnosis. You will need to complete several questionnaires and provide your family doctor an entire medical record.

The private sector could be an option for adults with undiagnosed ADHD in particular, as the NHS system is so overwhelmed with demand that it has failed to meet patients’ needs. However, it’s crucial to recognize that you might need to wait for a long time to receive an NHS referral, even after the new NICE guidelines were published.

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