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Door Locks – What Type of Lock is Right For Your Door?

Door locks are a crucial component to your home’s security. If you’re replacing an old lock or installing a new one on your door, you should follow a checklist. Also, contact an expert if you’re still not sure how to do it.

Our London locksmiths install multipoint locking systems in accordance with British Security Standards. They are available to repair, unlock and replace Ingersoll and Banham locks in St Albans AL1.

Types of Locks

Strong, durable locks are essential for securing your business or home. However, there are many different kinds of locks available on the market, each having their distinct advantages and disadvantages. So how do you determine which one is right for your property? This month we’ll examine the different kinds of locks available, so you can make an informed decision in selecting the right locks for your home.

Mortice sash locks, sometimes referred to as ‘deadlocks,’ are commonly fitted to wooden doors. They can be locked from both inside and sash outside with a key and are fitted inside the door material instead of being fixed to the surface as latches. The sash is then secured in place with an incredibly strong bolt that extends out from the edge of the door frame. When the door is closed, the bolt retracts into the sash, securing it to the door. Ideally, a deadlock should be installed alongside a nightlatch. Both should comply with BS3621, the standard that is accepted by a majority of insurance companies.

A nightlatch is similar to mortice locks but differs in that it does not include a deadbolt that is installed internally. A nightlatch is a rim-cylinder with a key inside, and a handle on the outside. The cylinder is fitted with pins of varying lengths, so that only a key that has the right key hole will unlock the lock. Mortice deadlocks should only be utilized together with a nightlatch, and not as the only lock for a wooden door.

Ingersoll locks are a type of high security lock which is fully approved by insurance companies throughout St Albans AL1. They come in a variety of sizes and come with a keyed-cylinder and hooks to secure the door. If you have an Ingersoll lock, it’s worth contacting an London locksmith who can open the lock, repair it, or replace it as necessary.

Keyless smart locks are an excellent method to increase the security of your home or business without having to change the locks. They can be controlled and arranged using a smartphone application that allows you to monitor your security from any location even when you’re not at the property. A locksmith can install Yale Smart Locks to protect your home from intrusions by unwanted burglars.

Cylinder Sizes

Cylinder locks are available in a variety of lengths to fit different doors. They also have different levels of security, including extra pins that provide greater protection against bumping and picking locks. Snap line features can be added to further protect against snapping locks.

The first step to take when selecting the right cylinder is to identify the type of door you have, which will dictate the number of pins you need. Cylinder locks can be operated with either a key or thumb turn, with the latter option being more secure due to an additional layer of security involving an internal locking mechanism. This is in addition to a solid steel body that serves as a physical barrier for anyone who attempts to gain entry into your home through the door.

The full euro cylinder can be utilized in uPVC as well as wood, composite, and aluminium doors. It can be used for doors for both interior and exterior use and is available in two different variations: a double or single cylinder. A single cylinder has only one indented side, and can only be operated with the correct key, while an symmetrical model works with both sides of the key.

Half euro cylinders, a smaller version, are utilized for garage doors and in places where only one side is needed to gain access, such as offices. They are generally a little less expensive than the larger versions however, they offer a high security level.

It is crucial that the cylinder lock replacement be fitted flush with the lever, handle or doorframe. It must not protrude from the opening. This can make the lock vulnerable to actions like “lock snapping which is breaking the locking mechanism, instead of the key.

To find the ideal size of the cylinder take measurements from the inside edge of your door to the middle (including any furniture), then add on an additional 5mm for the keyway and barrel. It is recommended to remove the lock from the door if you’re replacing a lock that is in place.


It is important to keep in mind that not all types of hardware will fit your door when you install a lock or replace one that’s been in use. You may require spacers for doors that are thicker than the standard size. This will ensure that the lock functions correctly. If your door is longer or more substantial than the standard size, you may also need special plates to ensure that the hardware fit.

When choosing a new lock It is also important to know the back-set of the door. This is the distance from the center of the knob over the floor’s finish to the near edge of the door. Most knobs are positioned a comfortable 36 or 38 inches above the floor. Check the other knobs in your home to see if you’re happy with their height too.

Installing your hardware is simple once you have purchased it. You’ll first have to remove any screws holding the existing lock in place. After removing the screws, take off the handle and lock on both sides of the door. Save the latch plate, as long as it’s not damaged. If the new lock is the same model it is possible to reuse the latchplate as long as the dimensions and model are the same.

The next step is to measure the door hole. This is the diameter of the bolt hole, therefore you’ll have to make sure that the lock you want to install fit in it. If the hole is bigger than needed, you can easily reduce it using either a hack or hand saw.

After the holes have been made, you’ll need to install both the exterior and interior plates to your new lock. The base plate inside must be connected to the deadbolt’s strike, while the exterior plate will be attached to the door’s exterior. Secure both with the screws for mounting provided.

The lock cylinder has to be secured to the bolt hole in the door. Once the tailpiece is in place then you can slide the bolt through the hole in the door and close it. Be sure to turn on the bolt and test it out by locking and unlocking it several times to make sure it’s functioning correctly.


Over time, dirt, grime and other environmental conditions can cause a lock to become loose and jammed or damaged. It is important to have these problems repaired as soon as possible to prevent criminals from exploiting the lock to gain access to your home and possessions. If you are unable to afford locksmith services or other locksmith, there are other solutions to resolve the issue. Breaking a window or utilizing a different entry point should be considered only as a last option. It could result in costly repairs or even injuries.

A reputable locksmith St Albans offers a wide range of services including repair and replacement of locks. They can also help you upgrade your home security by installing multipoint locks on your doors. This will increase the protection of your valuables and assist you in meeting insurance requirements.

Another option is to gift a trusted friend or neighbor an extra key in the event that you ever become locked out of your home. This will allow them to access your house and allow you back access without the need for a locksmith. But, it is important to select a reliable person who will be responsible and available whenever you need them.

Premier Security London lock specialists are in compliance with British security standards and install a range of multipoint locking systems for homes and businesses throughout Hertfordshire including Winkhaus, GU Ferco, KFV, Paddock, Yale, Avantis, Avocet and a number of other high quality manufacturers. These locks can be fitted to front doors, patio doors, or even sash windows.

If you’ve recently bought an apartment or commercial property, changing all the locks as quickly as you can is a good idea to ensure that intruders aren’t taking advantage of any weak spots in your door’s security. A professional locksmith can advise you on what solution is the best fit for your needs. They will also determine if replacing your locks or rekeying them is the best choice for you. Rekeying is also a good option for landlords after tenants move out or businesses are looking to hire new management staff. This will ensure that only you and your chosen keyholders have access to your premises.

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