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Car Key Replacements

The loss of a key could be costly, whether it’s a simple lock-and-key, or a more sophisticated key fob. The best way to prevent this is to always have an extra key in your wallet.

If you’ve lost keys, the most affordable alternative is to locate an auto locksmith. Dealerships are more expensive, but is a great option.

Mechanical Keys

The keys to your car are likely to be mechanical if you have an old vehicle that doesn’t have key fobs. The standard keys are made from metal like brass, steel or a combination of nickel and brass. They are cut with a key duplicator, with an original key positioned against one side of the machine, and an unaligned blank key placed next to it to function as the template. The original key is cut using a special cutter to create a copy.

Transponder Keys

The majority of newer cars are equipped with a transponder chips built into the key that is used to unlock and start the vehicle. These chips can be found in the ignition or on the key head. When the key is turned in the ignition, the transponder sends the signal to be received by the computer system in the car. The computer checks the signal and ensures that it is in line with the correct serial number.

It is almost impossible to start an automobile without the owner’s key. If the signal is not in sync the vehicle’s signal, it will not start. This is a huge advantage to prevent car thefts as it decreases the chance of someone else driving off with your car.

The downside of a transponder key is that it is more expensive than a traditional flat metal key. The transponder is a microchip which is expensive to manufacture and integrate into the car key car replacement. These keys are typically expensive when bought from a dealership.

A locksmith can offer more reliable and less expensive transponder key replacements. Beishir Lock and Security carries many of keys, and they can reprogramme the chip to work with your vehicle in-the-moment for a fraction of cost of a dealership.

When you are looking for a transponder key replacement, be sure to get multiple quotes. There are many factors that impact the final price, including the model and make of your car, whether you have additional features on your key, such as a remote key-fob or a remote key-fob, and also the location you choose to get it copied.

In the end, you must consider the advantages of a transponder key against the cost and ease of use. If you value safety and security, then a transponder keys could be worth the cost in the long run. A car key that isn’t transponder-compatible will not allow the vehicle to start.

Laser-Cut Keys

Laser cut keys can sound like something from a sci-fi movie however they are actually quite common. They provide an additional security layer to automobiles. Keys that require special key cutting equipment and are much more difficult for thieves to duplicate or pick than traditional cut keys.

Contrary to traditional keys, which have grooves cut into one side laser cut car key replacement keys have slits cut on both sides. They can be inserted into the lock cylinder any way, and they still function. In the end, they tend to be more sturdier and thicker than traditional keys.

They can also be used as a bonus to open high-security locks. The slits are tooled to a specific depth that matches the codes of different automobile manufacturers. It is essential to select the right depth, as cutting the blade incorrectly can cause damage to the cutting machine and cause the key not to function once it has been put into the lock.

The greater thickness and unique slits of laser cut car keys make them less susceptible to being copied or picked. A lot of these keys include a transponder that is specific to your car. This means that even if someone creates a duplicate of your car’s key with a transponder chip they will not be capable of starting your vehicle.

Laser-cut car keys might be more expensive, but they are still cheaper than purchasing a replacement from a dealership. Locksmiths are able to cut keys faster than car dealerships.

The quality of a laser-cut car key can make a significant difference. The wrong blade can easily cause damage to the key cutting machine or lock cylinder and leave you with a huge repair bill. It is essential to purchase your laser-cut car keys from an auto locksmith who sells the keys.

Bibens Ace South Burlington has a wide selection of replacement car key FOB keys that fit more than 250 different models and brands of vehicles. We also have laser-cut sidewinder key. Visit us today to see how we can help you save money on replacement car key fobs without the hassle of having to go to a dealership!

Remote Keys

It wasn’t too long ago that misplacing your car key lost replacement key or losing it was not a huge problem. You could contact a locksmith, get an alternative and leave. Nowadays, however, automobiles are more advanced in technology, and the corresponding keys are more difficult to replace and harder for thieves to duplicate. It’s becoming more expensive to replace the key to a car that has been lost.

Depending on the type of key you own, the cost to replace it can vary. For keys that are traditional you can get one made for $10 at a hardware store or you can ask an automotive locksmith to come to you and make a copy right there.

You’ll have to take your smart key, transponder that has switchblade or transponder with remote start to the dealer to be repaired. This can be expensive, and replacement car key Fobs you might need to wait for a long period of time before the manufacturer will send you an alternative key.

Like any other electronic device, your car key will cease to function for no apparent reason. Most often, this happens due to extreme heat or cold but it could be due to an unsatisfactory battery or key fob from rain, or just wearing out over time. If you find that your car key is no longer responding, it’s worth trying to reset it first before calling an auto locksmith.

You should also know that your keyfob will only function if you are within the reach of the vehicle. It’s essential to always keep your key fob with you and not put it in your pocket unless necessary.

A majority of people lose their keys to their car by dropping them or misplacing keys. This could cause the key to break or get stuck in the lock. It’s recommended to always have a spare.

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