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How to Get a Replacement Volvo Key

Volvo cars come with a system which prevents them from starting up if they don’t have the correct key. Even purchasing a Volvo key online, it will not be able to work in your vehicle unless it is programmed by a professional.

A locksmith who specializes in European cars can program a Volvo car key for you. You can save money by comparing costs of the keylab dealership.

How to get a new key

You might require a new key for your Volvo S60, XC90 or other models. In the past, you could create your keys at a dealership or a locksmith, but this can be time-consuming and expensive. There are, however, other options that allow you to get the replacement Volvo key you need in a short time and at a reasonable price.

The first step is to locate a locksmith in your area that is skilled in European cars. It is important to find a locksmith that is specialized in European cars, as Volvo keys are distinct from other keys for cars and require specialized programming. A locksmith is in a position to assist you in the process of getting the replacement Volvo key and also installing it and programming it. You may also ask your Volvo dealer if they can provide this service.

The key to a successful replacement is the transponder system, that is a highly sophisticated security measure to prevent theft. The microprocessor communicates with the antenna in the ignition to ensure that your car will not start when you use a lock that is incorrectly coded. This makes it difficult for a locksmith to program and cut Volvo keys. You should work with an organization that is specialized in Volvo keys, like American Best Locksmith. They will have all the tools needed to create a replacement Volvo key for you and provide you with a spare.


Key fobs, regardless of whether you have keys for a Volvo S60 or XC90 SUV are essential to your car. They allow you to open your doors and start your engine. They come with an immobilizer that prevents thieves from stealing the car by deactivating it. Many places offer spare Volvo keys but it is essential to make sure that the key fob is properly programmed.

To change the battery in your Volvo key fob, you must remove the cover. Find the small black button in the lower left of the fob. Slide the cover away from the key-ring section by pressing the button to the left and down.

The CR2032 can be replaced after the cover is removed. The new battery should slide in easily however if it isn’t then try pushing it backwards and backwards until it is able to secure themselves. Most grocery stores and The keylab pharmacies have a CR2032-type battery. Be sure to ensure that the battery is authentic Volvo replacement to avoid issues. Clean your key fob regularly to ensure it is not damaged over time. A damaged or defective key fob could stop responding to commands and signals from remotes or become completely damaged.


Volvo cars are renowned for their longevity, and with this comes the risk of losing keys. It can be very frustrating if you’ve lost your key for the first time or even if it’s just the latest in a string of mishaps. You can try a couple of different options to solve the issue.

You can replace your lost key at a Volvo dealer or locksmith. The dealer will typically charge higher rates than a locksmith, however they may be able make the key on the same day. A locksmith who is local can come to you, which will save you money on towing.

Problems with programming could cause your Volvo keyfob to stop working after changing the battery. The codes of the fob were erased during the battery replacement process. This could also prevent a backup key from working.

If you want to avoid the issue of lost or stolen Volvo keys, think about getting duplicates before it’s too late. These keys can be lifesavers the event of lockouts or lost keys. You can save money by using a spare to start your car. You can also ask the dealership whether they have duplicates.


If you have lost your Volvo key, the process of getting a replacement can be expensive. The first step is to call your local locksmith and locate one that is specialized in European cars. You can buy a brand new Volvo fob for less from them than at an auto dealer. They can also offer you an insurance plan for keys to pay for the replacement of your keys and fob if they get stolen or lost.

You should always keep a spare key fob in the car if your car has one. A good locksmith can create a duplicate of your key without removing anything from the ignition or lock. However, they might have to have the key code from the dealer which can take several days.

It is essential to program a new ignition key so that it works with your immobiliser system. This is a security feature that will stop anyone else from launching your vehicle without the correct key. The immobiliser inside your car will communicate with a transponder chip on your key fob that contains the four-digit code.

You will need the VIN number as well as other documents in order to order a new key. Included are the title certificate and registration papers along with your identification and evidence of insurance. You may have to inform the repair shop or dealer when you’ve changed your ignition cylinder. This could affect the ability to program your key via code.

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