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how long does 18-wheeler lawsuit take Long Does It Take to File an 18 Wheeler Lawsuit?

If you’re involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler it is essential to hire an attorney who is familiar with the laws governing trucking and will help you get the best possible settlement. A truck accident case could take anywhere from three months to two years to settle.

Determining fault in these types of accidents can be difficult and a variety of parties could be liable for your damages. An experienced lawyer can identify all parties liable and make claims against each one of them.


Due to the higher weight and dimensions of a truck as compared to a passenger vehicle the accidents that involve 18-wheelers and other commercial trucks can result in severe, sometimes life-threatening injuries. These accidents are also more likely to cause significant damage to vehicles and property. The damages paid out in 18 wheeler crash settlements and jury awards are typically substantially higher than those awarded in a typical motor vehicle accident.

Often, several parties may be responsible for causing an 18-wheeler crash. This could include the truck driver who’s negligence is often the primary cause of these accidents. The trucking company that they work for may also be held accountable if the company does not provide adequate training or equipment for their drivers. The trucking company could also be held accountable if it encourages or rewards their drivers to break federal regulations regarding hours of service. The manufacturer of the truck, or its parts, is also liable when an auto defect causes an accident.

It is vital to identify the parties accountable for the accident to obtain an honest and complete settlement. An experienced 18 wheeler lawyer will investigate your case in order to determine the person responsible for your accident and be fully prepared to seek compensation from each of the parties responsible. In addition to pursuing financial losses, your attorney can also pursue non-economic damages like suffering and pain.


The legal process for truck accidents is more complicated than standard car accident claims. The truck driver, Best 18-Wheeler accident attorney trucking company and vehicle manufacturer can all be held accountable for an accident. The trucking industry also offers incentives that can cause trucks to speed recklessly or even skip sleeping to deliver their goods quickly.

These elements can influence the time required to settle an accident claim. Injuries to the plaintiff can impact the length of time it takes to receive compensation. The severity of injuries can result in more money in settlements than minor injuries.

The insurance company of the trucking firm will try to limit its liability by reducing the amount of the claim. It is essential to find a truck accident lawyer immediately. They will fight these intimidation tactics to ensure that they get you the justice you deserve.

Additional documents, such as the black box’s data and bill of lading, could aid in determining who is responsible for the accident on the truck. These documents may show that the driver of the truck was reckless in his driving. They can also be used to determine whether there was involvement of the trucking company in the crash. The truck manufacturer could be liable for the accident in the event that they manufactured a defective product.

Statute of limitations

The statute of limitation sets the time limit in which you are able to start a lawsuit following a car accident. The period of time varies according to the state and depends on the type of accident you suffered. In general there are four years to bring an action for personal injury, and two years to file a wrongful-death lawsuit. A seasoned attorney will help you navigate the process and determine whether you have an action.

Your personal injury lawyer will investigate the area of the accident, speak with witnesses, and examine medical records, driver logbooks, maintenance and employee records to find out who was responsible for the accident. This can take a considerable amount of time, so it is crucial to begin this work as soon as possible in order to preserve evidence.

The trucking company and their insurance company will fight to stop paying you what you are due. They might also try to minimize or exaggerate your injuries. If they are successful this can delay the settling of your claim. In the end, you could be waiting for a settlement for a full year following your accident.

Your lawyer will ensure that the statute of limitations will not run out until you have settled your dispute or taken the matter to court. Certain circumstances may override the statute of limitation in certain situations, for example, if you are a minor and have mental disabilities.


Tens of thousands of semi-truck accidents happen in the United States each year, that can cause fatal injuries or even death. Law firms that focus in these cases earn an enormous amount of money. Settlements for 18-wheeler accident cases can be in the millions or billions of dollars.

Due to the nature of trucking accidents an extensive investigation needs to be carried out to determine the extent of liability and damages. This process can take several months. If there are multiple parties involved, it could take longer to reach an agreement on the liability and damages.

It’s important that an experienced trucking accident attorney is in place early in the process to ensure that your best 18-wheeler accident attorney (mouse click the up coming internet site) interests are being protected. A lawyer can assist you determine the highest amount of amount of compensation you’re entitled to. They can also make sure that the insurance company is not trying to pay your claim too fast and they are providing the right amount.

Attorneys typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they don’t get paid until they are successful in the case. They receive about 1/3 of any final settlement or the court’s decision. Therefore, they have to wait for the remainder of the money to be deposited before they can pay their bills and expenses.

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