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Zachary Child asked 2 years ago

Hello! For my 12.6 VBA loops I received a 14/15 because “1 25 doesn’t start in A1”. But this was not part of the assignment. The assignment stated “Problem 1: Write a Sub that prints out (in the cells, not debug window) numbers 1 through 25 in an Excel worksheet using any type of Loop (e.g., Do Until, Do While, For).”
Is there something I am missing?
Zachary Child

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Shayna answered 2 years ago

In general, we want to make sure you don’t just have your code starting wherever the active cell happens to be, so as part of good coding practice, we would like you to not have that happen, but in terms of not being part of the assignment, I would suggest you email your grading TA to resolve any other questions (in terms of grading).

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