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UPVC Window Repairs

Upvc windows are energy efficient and can help reduce heating costs. As they get older, however, issues can occur that need to be fixed. This could include damaged handles, hinges, or locks.

DIY people can fix wooden windows with ease. It can also be much cheaper than buying a new window.


Cracks and tears in uPVC windows could be a major issue. If they are not repaired, they can cause water infiltration and less effective protection against cold temperatures and the potential for structural damage. It is crucial to find an experienced local builder or repair service that specializes in repairing uPVC frames and who has the expertise, experience, and tools required to deliver the most effective results. This will ensure that the crack is repaired swiftly before it gets worse and you don’t need to replace your window unit or glass.

There are a variety of home solutions that can be used to repair small cracks in glass. Superglue and masking tape are two of the most commonly used solutions to hold glass damaged in place for a short period of time. For cracks that are more extensive the tape may have to extend past the crack on both sides for best results.

Another option is two-part epoxy that can be used to repair broken or cracked glass. Most hardware stores offer this product at around $10. Make sure your work area is properly prepared before mixing the epoxy. Also, ensure that you have all the equipment needed to complete the task.

If you notice that your upper or lower sash has difficulty raising it could be because the cords attached to the sashweights are damaged. This is an easy fix that is done with a ladder and flathead screwdriver. Replacing a damaged drip cap is a second repair that can be done at home. The drip caps that are not rot-free are available at most home centers and can be nailed or put in place using caulk. Make sure that the glass of double glazing or triple-paned window isn’t broken. The reason for this is that the gases in the space between the windows are responsible for increasing the efficiency of the window. They must not escape.

Water Leaks

If your uPVC windows are leaking, it can cause damage to the interior of your house and cause costly repairs. Water leaks can also affect the structure of your home and can cause mold growth. It is crucial to address any issues caused by leaky windows as soon as possible to limit the damage.

One common cause of window leaks is the damage to the sealant around the frame. Utilizing silicone caulk can help restore the condition of the seal back to normal and prevent water leakage. Check for cracks and gaps between the window frame as well as the brick or stone wall that surrounds your windows.

A blocked drainage hole or an issue with Flashing are two other typical causes of windows leaking. Verify that the drainage holes have not been blocked or blocked, especially after heavy rain. It’s also recommended to examine the flashing that runs around the bottom of your window and make sure it’s properly sealed.

It’s also essential to ensure that your drip cap does not have any rot or is missing. A rotted or damaged drip cap can allow water to enter the window from above and cause damage to the structure of your home. Replacing drip caps isn’t an arduous task and is generally a simple process of purchasing the new one and nailing it into the correct position.

A professional can also examine your windows for watertightness. They can employ a tool to determine your windows’ water-tightness and ensure that they comply with the standards of the industry. If your windows fail the test, you’ll have to replace them. It’s a costly fix however it’s worthwhile to ensure the safety and security of your family.


If your windows don’t shut properly, it could lead to many issues, such as drafts condensation, and an increase in energy costs. It can also be a sign that the windows weren’t properly fitted at installation or the sealant is no longer working. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix the problem.

The first step is to prepare an area with ample natural light to help repair your window properly. Begin by laying down newspaper or an old blanket to protect the flooring from any splinters and drips that may fall from windows as you work.

You will also want to make use of a white cloth that has been immersed in a solution of detergent and water. This will stop any stains of color appearing on your windows. If you’re ready to start working on your uPVC windows, start by making a note of where the hinge channel must be located. Then unscrew the channel from the frame and fill in the screw holes using epoxy (for uPVC windows) or wood filler (if frames are made from wood). Make sure to smooth out the hole that you have filled before it sets.

Install the hinge channel once the holes have been filled. Make sure it’s centered on the window jamb and make sure you drill the new holes approximately one quarter inch away from the original locations.

Next, measure the spindle that protrudes from the underside of your handle. You can request an replacement or take it to a hardware shop for a replacement. Then, take the setscrew from the shaft. File it flat to allow the set screw to secure onto the shaft. Now, your uPVC window should be closing smoothly.

Broken Hinges

It will be difficult to open or closing your uPVC windows when the hinges are damaged or aren’t functioning properly. This can cause problems with security and prevent your home from staying warm or cool. You can easily get a new hinge for your uPVC window. It’s important that you use the right hinge for your windows.

The hinges need to be the same size in order to fit into the frame of the window. The most popular type of hinge used in Upvc windows is an 18mm or 15mm UPVC window hinge. There are also hinges specifically designed for wooden frames. Choosing the correct window hinge for your windows can assist you in avoiding the common problems that many homeowners encounter with their windows, such as not closing properly.

There are a variety of reasons the hinges on your windows be loose or stiff. The most common reason is that the hinges are not sufficiently tightened. You can test this by using a screwdriver to locate the friction screw on the other side of the hinge and loosen it. Then, you can adjust the hinge by twisting it in any direction until you have the desired result.

Contact Preston Glass Fix if your UPVC window’s hinges don’t work properly. We can provide a quick fix. Our technicians will examine the condition of your window hinges and recommend the best option for you. We can replace the window hinges, re-tension them, or UPVC repairs install new locking mechanisms to ensure that your UPVC windows are secure and safe for a long time to come.

Faulty locks

upvc repair window mechanisms and locks are an important component of home security. They make it difficult to open windows without breaking into the house. It can be frustrating when a lock fails, however, you don’t have to replace the entire window.

Sometimes, the issue is a minor issue which could have been averted by regular maintenance. We suggest having your uPVC window cleaned regularly as part of our yearly maintenance plan to minimize the chance of any issues.

Most modern uPVC windows come with espagnolette locks that work by pushing the handle’s nose across a wedge block and then turning the handle to close the lock. They are very efficient in keeping the window secure, but over time, they could begin to fail if they are not properly maintained. We recommend applying WD-40 to the lock a couple of times per year.

If you notice that your uPVC windows aren’t opening and shut as easily as they used to, or if the lock is not functioning properly, it is likely that there is a problem with the locking gearbox inside the window frame. The process of removing this gearbox can be difficult because it requires the removal of the seals around the frame and removing the handle (be careful not to scratch the seals).

A locksmith that specializes in UPVC repairs has the knowledge to diagnose this fault quickly and then be able to repair the damaged gearbox for locking with an exact replacement. This is a quick and simple fix that could save you hundreds of dollars by avoiding the need to buy new windows.

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