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Ghost Immobiliser

ghost 2 immobiliser reviews immobilisers work as a security device that is hidden that stops vehicles from being stolen. These systems protect your car against key cloning, hacking and relay theft by stopping the vehicle from starting.

They work silently and have no LED indications and don’t use additional fobs, so they can’t be hacked using the OBD port. The Ghost II immobiliser TASSA-certified can be installed discreetly and without cutting wires on most vehicles.

Based on CAN

A vehicle immobiliser is a device that is fitted to vehicles, cars, motorbike, lawnmower or even plant machinery to prevent them from being stolen. This type of security system prevents the engine from being started without a pin code. These devices are extremely effective and difficult to defeat, which makes them a great method to keep your vehicle secure. These devices can help reduce your insurance rates since most insurance companies offer discounts to vehicles with these devices installed.

Ghost is a CAN immobiliser based on CAN, which means it is integrated directly into your vehicle’s CAN data network. This is the most advanced immobiliser on the market. It’s almost impossible to disable or elude. The system operates in a quiet manner does not emit radio signals or LEDs and is only activated by pressing a button on your vehicle. These buttons can be found on the steering wheel or centre console. They could be also found on door panels. Each button is programmed to generate an individual pin code that must be entered prior to the engine can begin. The code can comprise between four and 20 characters. Ghost is a fully-approved immobiliser that has been awarded the TASSA accreditation.

In contrast to other immobilisers, which can be destroyed by cutting wires or utilizing key fobs from the aftermarket ghost is completely unnoticeable. It doesn’t have LED indicators or key fobs. Only the installers are aware of its existence. It also doesn’t contain any key-cut detection sensors that can be tampered with, and it does not interfere with the engine’s control unit. It’s a secure way to protect your vehicle from thieves and their high-tech methods.

The Autowatch Ghost II immobiliser is designed to be installed discreetly into the original wiring harness of your Peugeot. This allows the device to be hidden away from view and ensures that it is unable to be taken away by thieves, since they would need to cut through the main wiring harness to disconnect the immobiliser from the engine’s control unit. The immobiliser based on CAN is disabled in service mode by the driver. This is beneficial when handing over their vehicle to valet parking or servicing.

No Key-Fobs or LED Indications

Ghost immobilisers, also known as invisible security system, stops thieves from cloning keys to cars and hacking vehicles to steal the keys. It also prevents them from starting your vehicle or taking away from it if they have the key remote or fob in their possession. It makes use of the CAN bus to immobilise the vehicle, ensuring that it will not start if the wrong pin code has been entered. It is not affected by code grabbers that scan RF employed by high-tech thieves to evade your car security since there aren’t radio signals that are emitted.

Installation is simple and requires no cutting wires. It can be hidden beneath the dashboard in a convenient place. The device is connected to the data bus CAN and can be accessed by entering a user-generated PIN on your dashboard or on an application that is accessible on your smartphone. It can be removed from the data bus and taken off within a matter of minutes without needing to disable any of your vehicles functions or alarms.

This is a more effective method of protecting your vehicle than traditional methods, such as wheel locks or other physical deterrents. The thieves who attempt to steal your vehicle could be confused because the vehicle won’t start. They may assume it’s broken, and leave the vehicle alone. This can give you peace of heart and decrease the chance that your pride and joy car will be stolen.

Our Ghost immobiliser adds security for your car at a an affordable cost. It’s cheaper than an alarm for your car and can be installed by one of our TASSA registered technicians. We will show you how it works, and provide you the owner’s guide, emergency card two Autowatch window stickers and an Installation Certificate.

No Damage to the Internal Body of the Vehicle

Ghost is undetectable, in contrast to many immobilisers in the market. It can be detected by diagnostic tools used by high-tech criminals to hack into vehicle security. It doesn’t use radio signals or LED indicators. It is directly connected to the CAN network and can be installed to any vehicle that utilizes it. It is also wireless and can be disarmed and armed remotely through the Ghost iPhone or Android app. This can be done from any place in the world, so long as your phone has an internet connection or be within 5-10m of your vehicle.

Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser safety device developed by Autowatch which is a South African company. It shields you from key hacking and cloning as well as keyless entry. The code is entered using a sequence of electrical buttons in your vehicle.

The Autowatch ghost 2 is connected to an international vehicle registration which means that if your vehicle is stolen and then sold for parts, the thief will not be able to sell it because it hasn’t been registered. This will give you an extra layer of security when you need your vehicle serviced because the technician will not have access to your pin code.

During the process of installation the Tassa Registered Ghost 2 Immobiliser Installations team member will guide you through a thorough demonstration of how the system functions and what it could do for your vehicle. We will also handover owner’s manuals, installation certificates and an emergency Ghost card.

Immobiliser Ghost is an innovative product designed to tackle the increasing problem of thefts that are not involving contact on our roads. It is a system which is constantly being improved and developed to ensure that it continues to offer the most effective protection for your vehicle. It’s a great way to add an extra layer of security. It can also be used to monitor your vehicle, alerting you to any activity or vibrations that it detects, like an attempt to start your engine.

Easy to Install

Contrary to other car security devices, which require additional key fobs or wiring to operate, ghost immobilisers are installed within the vehicles existing system. This means that there is no need for a new key-fob or extra remote and the device is completely undetectable, which gives the name Ghost..

Utilizing buttons on the vehicle such as the steering wheel, centre console, and door panels our TASSA approved installers can programme a unique PIN code sequence that has to be entered in order to start the vehicle, just as you do when you turn on your automobile. The engine won’t begin until the code is entered correctly, which makes it very difficult to guess the correct codes or fool the device into thinking it has been authorised.

The Autowatch Ghost-II CAN immobiliser compatible with all vehicle applications and allows you to manage your car from anywhere. You can also track its status using the app. If it detects a thief you can lock your car remotely through the GPS feature. This is a fantastic feature that gives you peace of mind while away from your vehicle with the knowledge that your pride and joy will be safe.

Another great feature of the Ghost immobiliser is that it can be transferred to a different vehicle in the event that you decide to switch your car. The ghost 2 Immobiliser Installation immobiliser is able to be transferred to a different vehicle if you decide to change your car. This is provided the new vehicle is connected to the same CAN network as the old one and the Ghost has the same datapack size (memory) as the old one. You can now carry your Ghost anywhere you go and secure it from cloning or hacking.

The Ghost Immobiliser protect your vehicle against these types of attacks, but it also prevents thieves from bypassing your vehicle’s ECU and replacing it with an after-market or generic replacement unit. This is due to the fact that the device uses CAN data and cannot be identified by common diagnostic tools, circuit cuts or code-grabbing technologies. This makes it an extremely effective and cost-efficient form of protection against the ever-growing threat of modern thieves.

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