10 Easy Steps To Start Your Own Volkswagen Key Replacement Business

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volkswagen Keys made Keyless Entry and Push-Button Start

Volkswagen has been around for decades and is renowned for its classic cars. There are also many popular newer models that come with features such as keyless entry and pressing a button to start.

From the 1930s until the 2000’s, Volkswagen used a simple metal key with the flip function. They eventually switched to a key with a microchip and later, to smart keys.

Keyless Entry System

Modern automobiles have key fob systems that allow you to start your car and unlock the doors without touching the vehicle. These systems utilize radio frequency signals that transmit and receive data between the key fob and the car, volkswagen keys Made using special circuitry to ensure security. Certain models are more sophisticated than others, with added features like a remote starter which only allows the vehicle to be started when the key fob is within a specific range.

There are numerous ways to add these systems to your car regardless of whether you purchase it or add them afterward. Some systems just allow the driver to access the door, while others offer additional convenience features, for instance an app for smartphones that lets you to lock or unlock your car from anywhere. Some systems include an alarm.

Whether you need to replace your key fob battery or are looking to upgrade your key fob to a more advanced system our service staff near Dulles is here to help. We can help you find an alternative and then sync it to your VW model, or we can assist you with fixing an existing key fob that’s not working properly by conducting computer-based diagnostics to reprogram it. We can even order a new key fob in case yours is lost. We also offer a variety of specials on components to help you save money.

Keyless Start System

Keyless start allows you to start your car and get in by pressing a single button. You don’t have to reach into your pockets or open the door with keys that are physically attached to. The key fob transmits an exclusive signal to the ignition when the button is press.

The system is similar to a smart key. An antenna or two are positioned around the vehicle to detect the electronic ID when you near the fob. This triggers the receiver inside the car to turn off the immobilizer, and then send the power to the starter circuit to start the engine.

Once your engine is running, the system can be shut off by pressing and pressing the button. The same signal can also be used to secure your doors so you don’t have to fret about someone else stealing your car or locking you out of your vehicle.

While many newer VW vehicles have the option of keyless starting as standard, older models offer it as an option. If you own an older VW with this feature the key fob has what’s known as a “backup mechanical key” that can be inserted into a specific emergency port located in the steering column or in the dash to start your vehicle. Consult the owner’s manual or service instructions to learn more about this procedure.

Keys with Transponder Chips

These microchips, which are electronic, are incorporated into the head of your Volkswagen key. The chip sends a signal to your car whenever the key is turned and put into the ignition lock. This signals tells the car that you have the correct key, allowing it to open and start the engine. The chip does not require any battery power to function it simply receives an audio signal transmitted by the antenna ring on your car.

Prior to 2000, Volkswagen keys Made many automobiles had a basic metal key. In the early 2000s most automakers started using a key fob that had a switchblade feature. The metal key would emerge from the remote locking fob whenever it was pressed. This became a very popular feature and is still in use in the present.

When you get your Volkswagen replacement keys, they will contain transponder chips that need to be cloned to match the car’s systems. It is a simple process that can be performed at home using a key cloning device such as the KEYDIY X2 remote Cloner or a similar device. Bring evidence of ownership, like an driver’s license or registration for your vehicle, if are getting a key made or replaced.

Lost Keys

You can buy key finders, which costs around $20, should you be concerned about your Volkswagen keys. These tiny devices send an electronic signal to a cell phone when keys are near. They are great for dimly lit areas as well as for keeping your keys organized in busy parking areas. Some are also waterproof and can help you locate your car in the event of it being stolen.

However, the best method to ensure you don’t lose your VW keys is to ensure they are always stored in one location, like a hook near the front door or in your pocket. You can also purchase keys made by a locksmith. In the majority of cases, this will be much less expensive than obtaining an additional key from the dealer.

If your Volkswagen comes with chip keys you might be able to request a replacement from the dealer if the key is lost or broken. To do this you must visit the dealership with your title or registration as well as proof that you own the vehicle. The dealer will then purchase a new volkswagen key key from Volkswagen. Once it arrives, you’ll have to bring the vehicle back to be programmed into the system. You can also talk to locksmiths who can make a key using the VIN.

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