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Double Glazing Locks Repair

When a double glazing window won’t close it creates draughts and allows heat to escape. This also weakens the security of your home and puts you at greater chance of being burglarized.

Double glazed window seals, hinges and handles may break down over time. If this happens, it could affect how your windows function and void any warranty you have.

Faulty locks

While many people take great care when installing anti-burglar devices for their gates and main doors, it is often overlooked that windows are the most popular targets for burglars. Incorrect locks can lead to draughts in the house, allow valuable heat to escape and also weaken your home’s security barriers.

If your uPVC windows locks do not function, it is most likely that the lock mechanism is blocked. This usually happens due to the gearbox breaking in one component. This can cause the handle to not open, but instead to turn 360 degrees. This is a common issue with uPVC casement windows, but can also be seen in tilt and turn windows, and even sliding sash windows.

If this happens you can release the lock by applying pressure on the lever handle. This can be used to unlock the gearbox and reopen the window’s opening. If this does nothing, you may have to replace the entire mechanism of the window lock.

Most modern upvc window repairs near me windows use espagnolette locks. These are internal locking systems that secure the window with mushroom-shaped locking cams in the frame keep. The handle operates the gearbox that then triggers the cams, causing them to move upwards or downwards. The spindle of the lock could break and cause the handle to move but the window to open or close.

A damaged transmission could cause your window to appear locked, but it is not. This is usually the case when the central rods (sometimes known as crocodile teeth fixings) within the gearbox have snapped off. If this is the situation, Misty Glaze can supply and fit replacement rods to restore the functionality of your window.

It is important not to force a broken lock or stuck one. This can cause the lock to snap or break, especially if you have windows made of upvc door Repairs near me which expands and contracts with temperature changes. To prevent this from happening issue, you should call a locksmith professional to identify the problem and repair it.

Sticky Doors/Window

It’s annoying to have doors and windows that are stuck, but they may be a sign of more serious structural issues. If you find it difficult to open or close a window or door it is crucial to seek professional help as soon as possible. This issue can result from a variety of factors, including foundation settlement or a lack of support for the crawl space.

Frame or humidity issues can cause windows and doors to stick. If your frames are made of wood, for instance, they may be prone to warping when exposed to moisture. This could make opening and closing them difficult, even if the hardware is in good shape. In this case the wood expands and presses against the hinges, causing friction.

Rub the door or window with soap to lessen friction if it sticks in the summer. This will allow it to shrink and can resolve the issue temporarily. This method may need to be repeated frequently during periods of high humidity.

Sanding the frame of the door or window to create a smooth surface is a more durable fix. This can be done by hand or with the power tool. A professional can also stain, sand and upvc door repairs near me paint your window or door frame to make it appear new again.

If the sanding and soap don’t help it’s likely the issue is due to foundation settlement or a compromised crawl space. Check for cracks in the area. If you spot these signs, it’s time to contact a foundation repair specialist. Damage to the foundation can lead to uneven floors and a misaligned interior wall which can lead to sticking doors and windows. It is important to take care of these issues as soon as you can to avoid costly and risky repairs in the future. These issues could escalate until your home becomes unstable and structurally unsound if not addressed. Call the Southeast’s top foundation repair specialists to schedule an inspection now!

Cracking/Blowing Issues

When double glazing starts to degrade, it can cause cracks to form. This can be a snazzy appearance and let all the heat from your home to escape. It also poses an hazard for your family, since the glass pieces that are sharp could cause injuries if they are shattered. It is best to fix double-glazing windows with cracks before they become worse. This will increase the cost of replacement.

Window seals are vital to prevent drafts from entering the home and keep air in between your window panes. Over time, the seals will shrink or eventually become perished because of changes in weather. If not taken care of this could lead to moisture in the home as well as condensation and draughts.

A professional will usually be able to solve this issue. They can replace the window seal and restore your windows to their original state of repair. They may also suggest additional features that will decrease the likelihood of a stress crack forming in the future, such as trickle vents to improve ventilation.

You could also try lubricating hinges and handles on your windows and doors. This will allow them move more easily and allow the lock to perform as it was intended. Put some lubricating oils on a clean cloth and rub it into the hinges and handle mechanism and also in the places where they pass through the frame (for example, windows with sash). It can also be helpful to remove the handles from their frames and clean them with warm water to rid them of any dirt or grit which has become stuck to them.

It is important to contact a professional if you find that your uPVC windows and doors are not working as they should. They can determine the issue quickly and then resolve it in a short space of time. It’s much safer and cheaper than attempting to fix the issue yourself and could cause damage to the mechanism. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

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